Account Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Account Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John represented emerging accounts, when large accounts were dominating sales.
We assigned him some existing accounts, but new to him, and he expertly turned these account relationships into rewarding accounts.
He knew much more about the system than any of the other account representatives.
John can turn around a tough account to the best account in no time.
The account became one of the largest accounts for our company at that time.
John possesses the best qualities that make an account representative.
The service he provided as our account representative was second to none.
John always took accountability and represented his firm professionally.
He has always been helpful and knowledgeable about him accounts and the labels he represents.
John would transition the new accounts he developed to the customer account representatives.
He is tenacious about accounts receivable, and proactive about accounts payable.
The true leader of the account team representing our company at the company's top account.
He consistently remained one of the top account representatives in the new account generation and placements within the company.
Not only did he have the best rates, but when we opened up the account like most new accounts we had a few hick ups.
John is an exceptional representative supporting our account while at our company.
He would be an asset to any company that decides to employ him or have him serve as their account representative.
John would be a good addition for any company looking for an accountable and reliable representative.
He is focused on giving the company he represents and his accounts every opportunity to succeed.
His position put him in daily contact with representatives from many of our key accounts.
John closed some key accounts that represented key wins for the company.
John has been our accountant for the past five years - even though he has changed employers, we still wish him to continue as our accountant.
John represented the type of customer that every account likes to have.
He gave up his time to come and see us even though he was not our accountant.
He expects only the best from himself and sets an example of accountability.
Especially, when you take into account, that he is volunteering his time.
Finally, he welcomes accountability, always willing to own him results.
He goes well and beyond his accounts needs to ensure the best results.
He knows how to get into an account and deliver the right message.
He made certain that he was on top of the account at all times.
He actually makes you move forward by making you accountable.
He is dedicated to the accounts he represents and looks out for our business as if it was his own.
John is also very dependable and accountable when it comes to the career he has chosen and the institution he is representing.
He always made him want to do his best to represent the team.
John cultivated him territory thoroughly and grew some regional accounts into the national accounts
He used his experience strategic prowess to keep the account on track and to grow the account.
Customers who have him assigned to their account will quickly realize they have a champion representing their needs.
In addition, his involvement proved critical during a transition in account representatives.
He consolidated accounts and brought in accounts in house that were owned by third parties.
His success is directly related to his ability to make every account, feel like an important account.
He is always available to answer questions and help wherever he could, even after he had left the account.
John is always willing to go above and beyond for his accounts which resulted in wins on both sides.
He holds himself accountable and makes sure anything he takes on is seen through to completion.
John always took full accountability for decisions that he made, even if they were unpopular.
John, he is consistent when it comes to maintaining conversations across these accounts.
He also is very accountable and will do whatever it takes to make the end result perfect.
Confident in his abilities, he is willing to be accountable for the results he achieves.
John demands accountability and results, but he is there to help you along the way.
John's dedication, confidence and going above and beyond is what won him our account.
He has delivered what he is accountable for, on time and to the best of his ability.
He always completed the tasks that he was asked to do and was very accountable.
He goes out of his way to make sure you and the account is well taken care of.
He truly cares about his accounts and will go above and beyond to help them.
He is well liked and very approachable on account of his ability to listen.
That doesn't even take into account his "ridiculously positive" attitude.
John follow-up with everyone a week later to keep everyone accountable.
His vision and results take into account the needs of all stakeholders.
John is always accountable and accepts responsibility for his results.
At the same time, he will hold all others accountable for their roles.
He took on the responsibility and accepted accountability for the results.
His follow up and accountability is consistent, but never overbearing.
When he set his sights on an account, he got it one way or another.
His dedication on the account was above and beyond on numerous times.
If we had concerns, he was first on the phone to take accountability.
John knows how to act, is accountable and focuses on the end result.
At the same time taking into account his team members and colleagues.
He also had useful suggestions for improving local accountability.
And, of course, his positive attitude, empathy and accountability.
John listens to every word you say and takes it all into account.
He consistently got us in front of more accounts than anyone else.
In addition, he was accountable and on time with all deliverables.
He made the difficult decisions and took accountability for them.
He is completely accountable about the assignments he handles.
He truly excelled in getting in front of him targeted accounts.
John sincerely cares about each and every one of his accounts.
Results oriented, accountable and responsible, he's workaholic.
And he will hold you accountable for every agreement you make.
John always holds himself accountable for successful results.
Expects accountability and exhibits fairness in his decisions.
John is very proactive and decisive in handling our account
John helps keep him accountable with his value-based messages.
His strength was in creating an atmosphere of accountability.
John is one of the most conscientious and thoughtful account representatives in his business.
John has performed great work for him during all the years that he has represented him as his accountant.
He represented the company with integrity and tirelessly kept key accounts onboard.
You couldn't ask for a better representative to manage an account on behalf of a company he represents.
He holds people accountable to their tasks, but is fair in his estimation of that accountability.
He cares about the people he represents and represents them well and professionally.
John certainly represents on of the finest individuals you could have worked for and representing your organization.
You know you are in good hands when he is the account representative for a client opportunity.
He excels at building relationships with his employees and account representatives.
Regardless of the team he represents, he will make them better.
The second, accountability, is another area in which he differentiates himself from others.
He provided him with accountability in areas that were challenging for him to initiate.
The horse is very accountable and dependable, and an expert in his area.
He follows procedures and holds everyone in his area accountable.
He came into an area that needed organization and accountability.
He will monitor your account and be proactive and not reactive.
We highly recommend him to anyone looking for an advertising account representative with integrity.
He is always pushing for better accounts and stronger rate and wasn't afraid to turn an account down if he thought we could do better.
To him this is the best characteristic of a successful sales and account representative.
He will challenge your goals and make you accountable to yourself and your company.
John is more than just a bookkeeper, he knows and understands accounting.
John really helped him get organised and in-line with his accounts.
He therefore represented a considerable challenge for a humble accountant to add some value to the proceedings
John makes sure to represent quality and not quantity and makes you feel that he represents one candidate exclusively.
Krishnan was someone we would put in front of our most important accounts, as he represented our company very well.
That doesn't take into account the campaigns he is running with other partners.
He knows how to make an appointment with a hard to get an account
Recently, while visiting one of these accounts, the client made a comment on how much he appreciated having him as a representative.
He would always be upfront with him and take accountability even when the responsibility wasn't his own to solve any problem.
What makes him stand apart is his commitment to his accountabilities and his endeavour to do the right thing, every time.
He always made sure things were being done properly, timely, and always had the accounts best interest in mind.
At the same time, he's always asking to be kept accountable to those same standards, never ceasing to grow.
John's strength is his ability to hold himself and those around him accountable for getting things done.
He always took into account requirements for all users/stakeholders, and prioritized them accordingly.
John always takes into account the impacts of any decision that he makes and how this may be perceived.
John's confidence is what got the account signed, the value prop was there, but it came in second.
Difficult accounts weren't as difficult with him, and he almost always influenced deals to go his way.
He goes out of his way to help troubleshoot and advise us on our accounts when attention is needed.
He never settles for anything other than the results and holds himself and others to account for them.
He is assertive when he needs to be, but always listens and takes into account the needs of others.
He always has a vision and knows how to sell it to others while taking in account others opinion.
He understands how to be compassionate with others and still hold them accountable for results.
He spoke about our need to arouse our curiosity to make better and more accountable decisions.
His consistency stems from self-discipline and accountability to himself and those around him.
He holds those around him accountable because he cares for them and wants to see them succeed.
John pays close attention to our account and has always made himself available when necessary.
He knows accounting extremely well, and always has time to help others/explain his position
John has been very strategic in everything he does, always taking into account the bigger picture.
And he always thinks outside the box about how he can take each account to the next level.
He not only taught us, but also spent some time worshipping and going through our accounts.
He looks for feedback and will take that into account in an effort to continuously improve.
This was after his friend confided in him that he was not happy with him (then) accountant.
He would take ownership for his decisions and was willing to be held accountable for them.
He responds immediately to any questions or concerns that we might have about our account.
In fact, his tactic is quite the opposite, and he is consistent, honest, and accountable.
John can always be counted on to accept accountability for his own decisions and actions.
John always has a can do attitude and will take accountability for the good and the bad.
At the same time, he was always open to other points of view and took these into account.
His accountability and follow through on commitments contributes to his ongoing success.
He believed in fairness, setting expectations and following through with accountability.
John raises the level of accountability of his colleagues through the example he sets.
John's no-nonsense and positive attitude both encourages you and keeps you accountable.
He treated them with dignity and respect, while also making sure they were accountable.
It's how he holds himself accountable to the same level of result as those around him.
His expectations were always clear and he held everyone accountable for their results.
Because of his success everyone went to him for advice on selling the larger accounts.
John always welcomed input and collaboration which went beyond just closing an account.
John excels at taking account that are under-penetrated and growing them over time.
His accounts always understood well what they were buying and what results to expect.