Accountability Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accountability Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I can recommend him to anyone in need of a good accountant.
It all comes down to how they make you feel.
He has been great about always following through with obligations, and therefore keeps us on our toes.
He will make you look good.
He has got the goods and can deliver them with great impact.
It's the only way that makes any sense to me.
He's a powerful people connector.
He ensured each of us were comfortable, held accountable and were a great fit for each other.
It was by all accounts the best conference, we have ever had.
It's good to have him around.
Actually, I should say he is still helping me go from "good to great".
He makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you to do your best.
It has the feel and the simplicity that I was looking for.
He followed us up, he cheered us on and held us accountable to our goals.
He is affable, genuine, and accountable.
He has a keen sense for internet traffic and behavior, and an innate sense for what makes good business sense.
He had to do some "maneuvers" and he was great.
He's as good as they come.
He very good at what he does.
He's really good at what he does.
It was great to have him on the team.
He has a good sense of humour and gets on well with others.
I feel he will be a great asset to any organization.
He has been very helpful and I feel I owe him.
He knows people, and he knows the audiences.
He is one of those people who will do whatever needs to be done to get it done.
He's very good and also very reasonably priced.
He is good at bringing out the best in people.
I recommend his services if you need a good accountant.
I would have to hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking for a good accountant.
He also acts as a great sounding board.
It's great to have been introduced to John.
He has the great ability to make other people feel good about themselves.
He the best tax accountant, I had, and I did have more than one.
He is great with people and very well connected.
He held me accountable without the need to be a drill sergeant.
He will make you look great.
Moreover, he is judicious and have a good sense of humor.
It is great to see someone who does what they say, and does it with such authenticity.
I would recommend him to anyone that wants to really feel good about their space.
He's got a good sense for organizing his team in a way which drives accountability.
He is familiar with accounting techniques and good at applying.
He leads and holds himself accountable in the truest sense.
He has a great sense of humor too.
He has a great sense of humor, and knows when to use it.
He is a good role model in all sense.
It always feels great to learn something new, and I did today.
He's one of the great ones for sure.
He is truly one of the great ones.
He has great character.
He has a good business sense, a good sense for people, and a nose for what is right and wrong.
He has great people skills.
He's also got really good handwriting.
He is a great guy and can deliver the goods.
I appreciate that he also keeps me accountable as a leader.
John is not just good at what he does - he is great.
It just goes to demonstrate the power of a great story.
He is good with people.
It is a balancing act that any agency strives to have with their account people, but rarely get.
I feel he would make a great addition to any accounting team.