Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been his accountant at two different accountancy practices.
John asks him to be accountable, and he himself is accountable.
John is one of the few that really looks out for his accounts.
He always wanted to do the right thing going above and beyond, so we can win an account, or keep an account.
The accountability is not as much to him, but to teach him how to be accountable to himself and his team.
John is the first account executive for our account with our new partner.
John, was an account manager over one of his our company accounts.
He is accountable and holds others accountable for their commitments.
John is the account leader on his account for over two years.
He makes sure that things get done and that everyone has will be accountable for all their responsibilities.
John will help you to look forward while still being accountable for what you're doing now.
He has always been available to help us along the way with all our accountancy needs.
He is accountable for anything he says he will do, you don't have to ask him twice.
John is willing to go above and beyond his own accountabilities to help others.
Yet, all of them were under the impression that they were him only account.
John has got to be the most out-going accountant that you can ever ask for.
He is very professional and really followed through with our account.
He then follows up with you and makes you hold yourself accountable.
John has been an inspiration to him (and many other accountants)
Best of all, he keeps him accountable for the things we've discussed.
If you commit to something - consider him to keep you accountable.
John has always gone above and beyond in working with his account.
John always made sure that everyone was on target and accountable.
John always get out the best with the accounts he looks after.
John goes above and beyond what you'd expect from an accountant.
Quality is one of the aspects he will always take into account.
Frankly, we were sorry to see him transition from our account.
He also keeps us accountable, which is exactly what's needed.
He always placed himself accountable for his responsibilities.
Had he not been there, we would likely have lost the account.
He manages his account very well to help his account manager increase revenue from the account.
He handled our largest accounts and was recommended from account to account by name.
John will handle your account like it is his own personal account and he will always look out for your best interest.
Ultimately, he takes accountability very seriously and that's what makes him such an outstanding account manager.
John is always the true professional and when he went after an account, you could consider the account delivered.
He has dedication, not only to his accounts, but also to those who he works with supporting those accounts.
John not only dealt with the largest accounts, but also perhaps some of the most challenging accounts.
He not only assisted him in his accounts, he also jumped in with other accounts where needed.
His knowledge of the accountancy profession, and accountants themselves, is second to none.
His knowledge of accounts payable and the accounting that goes along with it is impressive.
He is not afraid to take over problem accounts or accounts that have never been contacted.
John is very smart and knows everything about account payable and accounts receivables.
John is very knowledgeable in the field of accounting and particularly cost accounting.
He also helped to update accountabilities to ensure everyone was being accountable.
He expects accountability from others and, in return, is very accountable himself.
Great account executive with very clear objectives for each one of his accounts.
Not only does he understand accounting systems, he also understands accounting.
While working for him, he provided account profiles on our strategic accounts.
John is talented at both account management & new account development.
He grew most of the assigned accounts to him from zero to hero accounts.
John serves as our personal account as well as his business accountant.
He believes in accountability, including accountability for himself.
And have seen him, who made our tiny account to a very big account.
His accounts are most of the top-performing accounts on our team.
John has strong experience in accounts receivable and accounting.
He handles all his retirement accounts, and investment accounts.
This account is one of the largest and most complex of all the our company accounts.
He wants to support and help his clients and make sure that what he does for them goes beyond just the accountancy.
He has always been available and willing to go well beyond our expectations in providing value to our account.
He keeps him accountable, which is necessary when getting serious about moving forward with his business.