Accounting Clerk Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accounting Clerk Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows the key players at each account and more importantly, the people and accounts know him.
He pays good attention to detail and is not afraid of accountability (to be held accountable or hold others accountable).
He is very motivated to help and always accountable with everything he does.
He excels at both landing new customer accounts via cold calling and at growing existing accounts into much, much larger accounts.
He won't let you off the hook and keeps you accountable to your goals.
John allows him to do that, yet holds him accountable to his goals.
John time there was an issue he would take accountability for improvements.
He follows through with any special requests him accounts may need.
John practices, accountability and makes and keeps his commitments.
John's analysis of his accounts was always complete and accurate.
His background as an accountant gives him rare insights into what drives accountants and the challenges they face.
John is an accountant who is determined to do more for his clients.
He took his suggestions into account and provided his own creativity.
Having him on the account is definitely an asset for any client.
He is a very talented accountant who know well what he is doing.
John client would be very lucky to have him on their account.
Therefore, he kept them accountable to their input to the documentation.
He always seems to have time for people while delivering on his accountabilities.
He encouraged and challenged him to do his best with his account engagements.
At the end of the meeting he introduced himself as our new account guy.
After each meeting he summarizes, follows up and holds him accountable.
John's help was always useful to solve any accounting-related issues.
John is very motivated and was able to deliver on all accounts.
John is very accountable and committed to people and results.
His motive is to address the questions and needs of his accounts.
He holds himself accountable and motivates others to do the same.
Holding him accountable to tasks, kept him on track and motivated.
John is the best combination of accountability and integrity.
He knows how to nail big accounts and he is always motivated.
He gets it done, drives results, and holds himself accountable.
His relentless accountability keeps him motivated and focused.
Also, for those looking to get more from their accountant than simply the submission, accounts each year then drop him a line.
John handled both large and small accounts along with many of the major accounts with paramount practically.
As one of his suppliers, he kept us very accountable and made sure we hit our goals.
He ensures that everyone knows what the goals are and holds them accountable.
When it comes to goal achievement and accountability, he's second to none.
John would assume accountability for him function and was dependable.
John clearly took ownership for the joint goals and accountabilities.
He grew, accounts by clearly showing them the value of our solutions.
He holds himself accountable to the results not just the delivery.
He provided him with inspiration, ideas, focus and accountability.
He always provides the best long-term solution for his accounts.
He kept us accountable, on track and moving toward our goals.
John established clear goals and always made him accountable.
He approached his relationships at these accounts with complete accountability and truly shined in the heat of an issue.
John continues to be his accountability partner and he is definitely someone you should meet.
He has even taken the time to help answer questions for some of his accounts for which he was not responsible.
He is also very detailed in anything he sent him and this always made things easier on the accounting side.
His company is very efficient and completely take away the hassle of having to think about his accounts.
He is always there whenever he was needed, provided in depth details for all of his accounts.
He has called himself a "facilitator of happiness" and he was certainly that for our account.
He knows how to take details into account as well as how to deal with the overall situation.
He gives you accountability and gives you amazing follow up and it all shows in the results.
But he held him accountable for being honest with himself and for following through on plans.
He kept complete track of his accounts and came through for every critical situation.
He often drove us to get better results and better performance out of our accounts.
John always kept him accountable for his decisions and even at the time lack of decisions.
It's no wonder why he was put in charge of closing some of our biggest accounts.
And, of course, it never hurts that he has the best accent in account planning.
Every detail is taken into account, he is always one step ahead, anticipating.
From the outset he is straight forward, practical and keeps us accountable.
He assigns authority for decisions along with accountability for results.
He broke into accounts that we had targeted for some time unsuccessfully.
He expects accountability from others and practices what he preaches.
At the same time, he will hold you accountable for delivering results.
He adds to your own intelligence, self-confidence and accountability.
John initiated and closed some very big accounts for our company.
John is very strategic in how he attacks an account or territory.
He understands and practices, accountability and responsibility.
John clearly explains and details all aspects of the accounts.
The impact he has had on our accountancy practice is immense.
He went above and beyond to help him with clients and accounts when he absolutely did not have to.
To some of his client's suppliers he's seen as the enemy because he's all about accountability.
The way he is able to take on so many client accounts himself is truly remarkable.
They have placed many accountants at both his firm, and clients of the his firm.
He believes strongly in accountability and doing the right thing for clients.
He is creative, attentive and he was always on point with our account.
John is an excellent accountant and clearly knows his client's needs.
All of which were delivered on-top of his many other clients & accounts.
John also held his client accountable for what he said he would do.
Him accountability and creativity are evident in everything he does.
Passionate about his accounts, he was universally loved by clients.
He is accountable to his clients and delivers on what he promises.
He is thorough, creative, tireless, responsible, and accountable.
His dedication to him clients and him accounts is unparalleled.
John has successfully handled accounts for many of his clients.
It is clear he is more than just an accountant to his clients.
Our account was our company mobile and it was very demanding.