Accounting Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accounting Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John not only consulted on the account, but actively participated in each of us to become successful.
He always takes time to consult with him about his accounts or just visit with his puppies.
John used a consultative approach and was extremely successful in this account.
His consultative approach makes a tough account also look simpler.
J is more than just an accountant to him; he is also his business consultant.
He regularly provided consultation on his accounts when his online expertise was needed.
Reliable and accountable, he is a great colleague and an excellent and mature consultant.
In addition to being an excellent accountant and consultant, he is a good friend.
His role was to help him specify and sell consulting services into him accounts.
He always pitches as a consultant and give loads of confidence to his accounts.
He really made him understand why one should hire an accountant and tax consultant.
He understands the concepts of accounting and thus is an excellent accounting lecturer, role model and well respected within the accounting profession.
John can truly help any business with his consulting approach that extends beyond accounting.
One consultation with him and he solve his accounting problem for his business.
Many of his accounts were our anchor accounts who recommendation helped us land new global accounts that helped us become the number one player in this space.
John worked on the our company account during his time there as a consultant.
His experience in public accounting has made him a well rounded accountant, but it is his passion to add value that makes him a terrific consultant.
The follow up consultations have been invaluable in enabling him to take the required action and hold him accountable.
John' accounting and consulting experience, enable him to be versatile with the ability to see the big picture.
John's professional consultation contributed to exponential growth for many of his accounts.
He found the right position for him, taking into account both his background & his expectations.
John defends him opinions, but is also always attentive to take mine into account.
John provided background to help him be successful at his challenging account.
He brought several new accounts and made several placements with them.
He made him realise that his accountancy website needs an overhaul.
He treats everyone with respect while requiring accountability.
John is the kind of account rep one looks forward to calling.
He is now in the company of his doctor, accountant and lawyer.
He guided him through his overwhelm and held him accountable.
Our company, John is one consultant clients consistently wanted on their account, for that very reason.
His approach is consultative and considerate and took our business needs into account across the board.
He consults, taking multiple opinions into account before making an informed decision.
Our company has used the system for several years, and John continued to consult with us on accounting issues.
Our company one specific account, John consulted with us as we honed in on manufacturing opportunities.
Although we didn't share an account, we often consulted on strategical approaches and he always came up with fresh and innovative perspectives.
As a consultant, he is incredibly bright, intuitive and holds us all accountable for our actions or inaction.
He helped him grow as a consultant, instilling self initiative character and sense of accountability.
His consulting and accounting services has had a positive impact on our organization.
He is not your prototypical accountant, he is far too well rounded to be classified in this category.
John also knows how to handle a room and make sure everyone is accountable for their own outcomes.
John always looked after our account very well and responded to our requirements rapidly.
He keeps the vendor accountable for their promises, and keeps the rest of us on track.
John handled some of our biggest accounts with the most challenging requirements.
John background is accounting, but he also well versed in law and insolvency.
John takes our advice to sometimes hold his horses immediate into account.
He can guide you to the level where you aim to be with the accounting exams.
His accounting background allows him to understand the numbers and metrics.
John is extremely reliable and by all accounts, an excellent clinician.
He brought innovation to the position which accounted for his success.
He thrives in situations that require accountability and authority.
He accepts accountability and takes responsibility as required.
His company provides us with accounting, payroll and consulting services.
He did an outstanding job in several accounts which allowed him to land very large consulting engagements.