Accounting Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accounting Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Frankly, we were sorry to see him transition from our account.
John's efforts were critical to coordinating these efforts and assuring accountability.
He outperformed other account coordinators that previously held the position.
John, our account coordinator, is professional, punctual and committed.
John also holds himself accountable in the same way he holds his stakeholders and partners accountable for what is expected.
While working for him, he provided account profiles on our strategic accounts.
John is one of his accountability partners and he keeps him on his toes.
At our company, we partnered together on many different accounts.
From start to finish he kept everyone up to the minute on what was going on in the account.
He made this possible through the culture of accountability and trust that he instilled.
He is trusted by his accounts and respected by his colleagues.
John is definitely ready for an account coordinator position once he completes his education.
He coordinated a big team from our company account in our company.
He always kept his partners accountable, but he was also always honest and fair.
It's a pleasure to have partnered with him on several of our accounts.
He really cares about the people that are placed on him accounts.
For the past year, he has served as his accountability partner.
His accounts always made very good profit and people wanted to work with his accounts.
He carefully listened to feedback from subsidiaries, and was very accountable and responsive to his account who had very unique requirements.
John is instrumental in regaining the account for the company.
What has stood out the most, however, is the trust and accountability, he fostered in the organization.
He is a colleague you can trust because he makes sure things get done-extremely accountable.
His character is admirable and more so his level of accountability when getting things done.
John is easy because he was so organized and focused on all the accounts he oversaw.
John took over our account mid-cycle and the transition couldn't have been smoother.
His primary responsibility was to acquire new accounts for our organization.
He fosters an environment where ownership and accountability are valued.
John is very accountable, friendly, sincere, and trustworthy
He pushed him to take chances and trusted him with big accounts.
His ability to coordinate large scale deals with strategic accounts is one of his many strengths.