Accounting Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accounting Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is more than an account director; he became a trusted friend and collaborator.
He will go above and beyond to ensure customers have faith in him as their account directly
John is effective in his role as creative director on our account.
He goes above and beyond as an account director for his clients and our team.
As an account director, he always makes the job super easy for everyone involved.
He wasn't a very easy person to please as he has high expectations not only from his account directors, but also all the way down to his account execs.
John is introduced to him as a 'superstar account direct' and he certainly lived up to that recommendation.
If he say's he'll sort it - he will, which is a godsend in an account director.
As an account director, he is strategic, insightful and highly intuitive.
A great account director who shows leadership backing his team.
He's account mapping, control in large accounts is fantastic.
John always seems to know the who, what, where and how of accounts under his control.
It has been a pleasure working with him throughout the years and seeing him grow account after account.
Most importantly, as the account director, he ensured we did the right thing for the client and the team.
He worked with him every step of the way, and was both thorough and accountable.
He works really well with anyone who take initiatives and accountability
He makes sure everything is accounted for and working as it should.
John has worked with him as his accountant for over eight years.
He provides the freedom to own and be accountable for our work.
He holds himself and everyone else he works with accountants
When he works with you, you feel like you're his only account.
Our company and Brabeion currently work together in many accounts.
Most recently we've been working together on the our company account.
He collaborates well with art directors and account executives.
Role model for all account directors within our company service providers.
His account control is amazing and win any competitive account for his favor.
John's approach and application are more that of an entrepreneur/businessman than an accountant.
John possesses the ultimate "can do" attitude, which is pivotal, in his mind, for an account director.
John is a smart, strategic and passionate account director who's an asset to our company.
He brought enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism to his role as account director.
During his time at our company he served three roles - account director, on-the-spot creative director, and producer.
He would take control and be accountable for everything under his responsibility.
He held us accountable to our word, and made sure that we stayed on track.
John is accountable for his actions and is a man of his word.
His word is his bond and he takes accountability for outcomes.
He's the most detailed and systematic account director who will always make sure that we deliver what we have committed to clients.
John is more than just an account director, who not only does servicing well, he is also very creative driven.
We worked together on the our company account; a global account that comes with cultural challenges.
John ran the our company account and it was his distinct pleasure to be able to work for and with him on this account.
He is an experienced and confident account director who was an absolute pleasure to work with.