Accounting Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accounting Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John wasn't your ordinary account manager, in that, he managed, "multiple" accounts which made prioritized communication a necessity.
He managed our key account group which was responsible for our strategic account base.
As an account manager, he is dedicated & support to the hiring managers.
John managed him during his transition from account management to sales.
He always maintained the partnership between account management and finance that is necessary to keep accounts profitable.
During his time as account manager, we were one of his portfolio of clients that he managed.
This is why he was so valuable in the account management function.
John has really supported us after he took over managing our account.
John's many strengths as an account manager set him apart from the crowd.
John and his team managed numerous accounts, including some high-profile accounts.
His customers are very lucky to have him as an account manager.
John took over management of our account from a well respected accounting director.
John provides a firm bedrock of account management capability which he effectively parlays into the delivery of great account management.
John's general management & account management experience ensured that critical areas were well managed.
John proved that managing our accounts could be done and done well.
John is one of these account managers, not only will he go out of his way to ensure things are running smoothly with the account, but will also challenge when "corporate policy" is at odds with what his accounts need.
Please consider this his endorsement of his candidacy for any sales, account management, or major account management position for which he is being considered.
He has been more than an account manager, he has truly been a partner and he will be missed.
He always followed up and handed his account over seamlessly to his implementation manager.
John is competent and confident in what he recommended to him as his account manager.
He also helped him get into some of his accounts as a partner manager.
His view is that of a 'partner' and not just an account manager.
We partnered with him at our company, and he was an excellent account manager.
John worked as the account manager for his accounts before he moved into another department and capacity with our company.
Yashwant is a capable account manager and closes on his accounts swiftly with all challenges and hurdles that can come in the way.
His contribution to managing and optimizing our search accounts had a strong positive impact while he was on the account.
As an account manager his delivery was always exemplary and without reproach.
As he managed this account, we were able to sell them our solutions.
His intelligence, creativity and dedication to his accounts are very unique and differentiate him from other account managers.
John provided worked closely with him on many of his accounts during his time as an inside account manager to in the central region.
John is his go-to supplier partner when he managed his carrier account.
John's management and support of our account has been exceptional.
He manages hundreds of customer accounts with ease and has the ability to manage it all unbelievably.
During that time, he also was able to multitask by managing his own pipeline of account.
He can easily translate his experience to any other type of account management.
He managed and serviced our account above and beyond the requirements.
John managed our account very well and provided great service.
As manager of accounts in our company company, its result, it was exceptional
John managed account to the exemplary level using all his expertise and man management skills to manage expectations and improve account management.
He manages his assigned account very well and have often made many customers became his friends.
As an account manager, he was there for his customers whenever they needed him.
He is prompt in getting the answers for the customer accounts that he manages.
John provided daily account management to one of our premier customers.
John led the proposal and managed the account very effectively.
Him account management experiences and ability to inspire makes him a great mentor and manager.
John never took his eye off the financial management of the account.
Serving as project manager, he kept everyone on track and made sure details were accounted for and well managed.
He knows how to best manage and grow accounts, manage business relationships.
John is very dedicated to the accounts he manages and always strives to meet their every need.
John managed our account and dealt with all our investor relation needs.
John is a terrific partner in his role as our account manager.
His ability to deliver has resulted in increased levels of account management responsibilities as he now sees himself managing one of the company's largest national accounts.
He managed many of his projects on some of the largest accounts.
He always pushed his brands forward to the national account managers.
John's primary role was an account manager, he also managed to up / cross sell our company solutions.
Him competency is him streamline management of overall relationship within an account.
He helped him manage various customer accounts through the various acquisitions.
In addition, he took over primary account management for a major global customer during a period where the account manager was on leave.
John managed some of the biggest accounts nationally for us and he was capable of juggling many accounts and many lines with singular grace.
John's ability to manage accounts and solution sell is second to none.
He mentored him and guided him to his first account management role under his direction.
John knew that there was more to being an account manager than just sales.
He manages several client accounts and treats each as if they were his most important.
He is successful in managing some of our most important client accounts.
He asks the right questions, listens to the answers and then does whatever he can find the best way of managing our account.
John also effectively manages him overall territory or assigned accounts, and makes sure him pipeline is always strong.
Despite managing services for numerous accounts, he somehow makes himself available whenever you need him.
Jess' assessment and handling of situations and management of accounts made supervising him easy.
A fantastic all-rounder who gave him complete confidence when managing our account.
During our company, he has managed our account with extreme professionalism.
He can sell, manage accounts, and is detail-oriented in all he does.
John is extremely impressive as he juggles a wide range of accounts as well as managing his account team.
The training he provided in account management has shown nothing but value to him.
His management style and his strength of leadership kept underwriters honest and account managers diligent.
This is what made him an exceptional salesperson and an asset to his clients as an account manager.
John's passion for customer success was evident on any of the many accounts that he managed.
John is always thinking of client needs and what he could do to manage the account better.
John is a very polished account manager who goes above and beyond to keep customer's happy.
Some of his old customers still talk about how superbly he managed their global accounts.
In addition, all the customers he interfaces praise his management of their accounts.
John's account management expertise provided his customers' roadmaps to success.
His account management and empathy with the customer was paramount in his eyes.
Have seen him manage some very difficult customer accounts with great aplomb.
He is a very efficient account manager and helpful to all of our customers.
John's direct approach to people management centers on defining accountability and then managing by objective.
Expert in account management and sales management, he has a significant track record
He knows everything and anything to do with accounting, financial management and money mindset.
His grasp of accounting and financial management was truly impressive.
His management of the accounting and financial section was outstanding.
He is always aware and current with the issues even though he was placed to manage other accounts as well.
He has to take over from a colleague who had been our account manager and he did so incredibly well.
His contribution in account management post implementation has been commendable.
He later grew into the accounting manager position and excelled there as well.
He's responsive, proactive, and manages all aspects of the account very well.
He is detail oriented and manages him accounts like a project manager.
John keeps his peers, direct reports and his managers accountable.
John is an accomplished manager because he expects results from himself and his people and in his eyes everyone is accountable.
John would be an asset for any company, whether as an employee or an account manager for your printing needs.
He truly exemplifies the term "partner" as opposed to being our account manager at just another vendor.
As our partner account manager he was always prepared to go the extra mile to help us when necessary.
Unlike many others, he came across immediately as a hands-on, highly-involved account manager.
He managed his accounts brilliantly with ease and never micromanaged the duties at hand.
He's a collaborative partner and respectful of his friends in account management.
His transparent reporting to management proves that he believes in accountability.
He manages his accounts very well, keeping excellent relations with key contacts.
Based on unsolicited firsthand accounts, he is also a top notch manager.
John more than managed our account at our company, but was a true thought partner.
He managed our account and made sure that all deliverables were received on-time and within budget.
John's project management, accountability, and start up know how are invaluable.
He manages one of our largest accounts, and all the projects in between.
He brings stability and accountability to every project that he manages.
John understands all aspects of project and account management.
John led an extremely effective account management function displaying exceptional stakeholder management.
Rarely do you come across an account manager with the dedication he has for meeting customer's needs.
John's management style is best described is the delta where accountability and creativity meet.
A driven account manager who really knew how to relate to his clients.
He managed and was responsible for the growth of some of the bank marquee accounts.
Within a short time, he had managed to turn this account into one of our premier accounts both in terms of profitability and as a reference.
Due to his performance, he rapidly transitioned to managing one of the largest account bases containing our key strategic accounts.
He manages the most challenging account in the company yet is able to deliver uncompromising account servicing standards.
He went above and beyond in his role every day, although he was a field manager at the time, acted as an account manager.
John also holds management accountable by sharing very effective sales management techniques.
He's been an integral part of helping manage one of our largest dealer managed accounts.
John kept him informed and up to date on all of his accounts.
He understands the importance of client management from the sell and management of accounts through its life cycle.
John knows instinctively how to manage even the most challenging account, and allows his staff to do what they do best.
He deeply understands the function of account management within an organization - and he just makes it happen.
He took the initiative when most other delivery account managers ignored it in favor of their daily tasks.
John also provides solid tools to help manage your time and maintain accountability for results.
He managed his staff by encouraging them to take responsibility for their sectors and accounts.
He improved the account management focus and drove new growth initiatives.
John's astute management of high profile accounts is the model to follow.
He truly seeks out win-win delivery and is great at managing accounts.
John did a great job of managing one of our most strategic accounts.
John's account management was invaluable to our localisation delivery at our company.
Additionally, he was charged with managing his own sales accounts and fostering the relationships that made those accounts profitable.
It was reassuring to have him as an account manager for our company printer contracts.
He goes to bat for his account managers and business partners.
From the very first account we managed together, he demonstrated his motivation to succeed and that he doesn't back down from a challenge.
Excellent after sales and account management, he'd be an asset to anyone.
He knows so much about sales, account management, churn and retention.
John is an account manager with many years of sales expertise.
His strengths are in relationship management and has been very successful in nurturing and managing multi-million dollar accounts.
John's ability to successfully sell and own account management is one trait that sets him aside from others.
John doesn't just provide services per request as many account managers do, he goes above and beyond.
John to any company looking for a solid account manager who knows how to bring in tangible results.
He takes into account the style of the hiring manager and the company culture during his search.
He solved the only issue we had at the time, providing us with a great account management.
John managed many of our challenging accounts with vigor and service excellence.
John delivered an outstanding service as our account manager for almost two years.