Accurate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Accurate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is thorough and accurate in their always appropriate assessments.
He always gets things done accurately as possible with all his our company.
He always followed up and made sure the adjustments were accurate.
We have used his service in the past and it was very accurate.
Or, to be more accurate, if he can't he knows someone who can.
Professionally, he keeps things brief, accurate and confidential.
And although he does things fast, he also does them accurately.
He is always very accurate and tried to make as much as possible to be sure the job is done well.
John will always follow up to make sure that what you need from him is accurate and timely.
He is always involved in every situation and does everything he can to make things accurate.
When you need someone to get something done quickly and accurately, he's the one to go.
If something needs to be done, he will get it accomplished immediately and accurately.
Professionally, he understood his assignments very well and made them fairly accurately
It was always very comforting to know that the information he provided was accurate.
For someone that fast, you wouldn't think they would be accurate, but he is as well.
He is always available to support everyone and he is very accurate in each task/job.
If he committed to do something it was always done both expediently and accurately.
John follows thru with his clients and get back to them promptly and accurately.
His analysis is always accurate and have proven to be accurate and invaluable.
John does what he says he'll do, accurately and without lots of instruction.
He is always willing to help and is motivated to get the our company done accurately.
He has always been someone who can get the job done, on-time and accurately.
He does what he says will be done, on our company and very accurate with him our company.
John always goes above and beyond and is very detail oriented and accurate.
The reports provided were accurate and always provided by our company or as requested.
Took his our company in being accurate and always was willing to take on projects.
He is brilliant at what he does and always provides such accurate insights.
Simply said, things get done accurately and quickly when he's in the pack.
John made sure everything was accurate and done correctly the first our company.
He always made sure that everything was completed timely and accurately.
It won't always be what you want to hear but him advice will be accurate.
John is always very prompt, accurate and thorough with his forecasts.
When we need something from him, the answer is always fast and accurate.
The words so many others have used to describe him are indeed accurate.
From first to our company the advice we were given was detailed and accurate.
Almost always his qualification of the prospect's needs was accurate.
His brief was very accurate and he prepared him well for the interview.
He called when he said he would, and his timelines were very accurate.
Everything he projected about our needs and challenges was accurate.
He has provided him with personal reading and has been very accurate.
He is knowledgeable and follows up on things quickly and accurately.
He is always extremely thorough and accurate in everything he does.
The name of his company is very accurate for what he is all about.
He always came through for him on our company and with very accurate data.
The information he has provided has been insightful and accurate.
John always answered all his questions thoroughly and accurately.
John is always thorough with his work, accurate and on our company.
The results were accurate and he always looked beyond the obvious.
He questions things to be sure they are accurate and correct.
He is very accurate in explaining his needs to the suppliers.
He makes sure that he gives accurate and to the point answers.
He is very swift and accurate as well as being very detailed.
He doesn't gloss-over anything and gives accurate assessments.
His our company was always thorough, comprehensive, and accurate.
Jobs are scoped accurately right down to the our company penny.
You're guaranteed it'll be done accurately and on our company.