Active Performance Review Phrases Examples

Active Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only that, he also actively participated in other activities and other external activities.
He even goes out of the way to help colleagues and is always active in his sphere of activities.
John is always willing to take on activities that could be seen as outside of his remit.
Besides being serious in his academics, he is also active in co-curricular activities.
He is very active to make sure that whatever he does is done with excellence.
He makes sure things get done the right way and follows up action on issues.
He is very outgoing and has been an active participant in many activities.
John is so active in all campus activities and always want to contribute.
John actively tries to help everyone with whom he comes into contact.
He is very active when it comes to group activities and presentations.
He also came up with activities that would help further our learning.
During all these activities he has been nothing less than stellar.
John is very active on campus and involved in many activities.
John is an example to be followed in all activities he plays.
He always tries to do his activities in the best possible way.
Additionally, he was also active in numerous campus activities.
He gets the things done with excellence in all his activities.
He is also committed and acts for him committee activities.
He is not only active within the agency, but he also was active in our company.
He is very active in everything he does, thinks fast when it is necessary and always very responsible with his activities.
He will go out of his way to help you get the results you're looking for in your networking activities.
He gets involved in all activities and is always more than willing to help anybody with anything he can.
What you can't appreciate through all that he writes is his how he is an even better active listener.
He can always be seen participating actively in all activities in both polytechnic and university.
Must value his contributions, as he really goes out of the way to get engaged in so many activities.
He is always willing to go for extra miles for taking activities and completing those activities.
He is one of those persons that you want to be within any activity in which he participates.
John is very active in many different professional and social organizations and activities.
John's' reminder that we have all the power already inside, it just needs to be activated.
He is also active in a verity of activities, such as cultural and extra-curricular activities.
During the whole course he was very active, always going further from the material provided.
He is always willing to help however he can whether there is an active engagement or not.
He did this activity back and forth as necessary instead of just sending them his resume.
Not only he is a brilliant engineer, but also is very active in many other activities.
He is also very well rounded in terms of being active in extracurricular activities.
He's one of those guys that you know will do everything to support your activities.
He is also an enthusiastic individual who participates actively in many activities.
He has always actively participated in all possible extra curricular activities.
Everything was on time, and there were more activities than at other such our company.
He always has the customer's needs as first and foremost with all his activities.
He is always looking for the next challenge or the next developmental activity.
Not only in studies but also in extra curricular activities he was very active.
John is very active and ensures that he is available often to get you the answers.
He is always willing to help and to be enrolled in new projects and activities.
John is truly an "activator" - he gets the job done when he says he will.
John also had several hobbies and was active in numerous activities on campus.
He is always energetic and always active and ready to organize any activity.
He is also pro-active in following through with himself and the candidates.
He seems to enjoy it more than most and is very fluent at these activities.
He is an active contributor and is willing to help in whatever is required.
He gets involved with several activities and knows exactly what is going on.
Not only did he offered his help, but actively followed him on this journey.
Usually he would want to take a up more activity than you would think of.
He is also someone who can juggle well with schoolwork and other activities.
Moreover, he is pro-active and always follows up on what he says he will do.
His example to those coming up and those already active is to be commended.
Hrishikesh has always been found enthusiastic in all activities of our company.
He always took an active part in all the activities and research projects.
John is always driving the activities to get us the right candidates.
The first thing he did is sit down with him and actively got to know him.