Activity Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Activity Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is so active in all campus activities and always want to contribute.

He is always an active participant of extracurricular activities.

John is very smart, he was active in the university's activities.

John actively tries to help everyone with whom he comes into contact.

During all these activities he has been nothing less than stellar.

John is an example to be followed in all activities he plays.

He is always willing to take up new activities and challenges.

Additionally, he makes time for and is an active participant in community/charity activities.

Besides being serious in his academics, he is also active in co-curricular activities.

He also participated actively in all other activities organized by the course.

John has been an active and engaged member for the board of directors for the past three years.

He adds value to the organization by being an active member in different activities.

He's always willing to pitch in, and get things done - even when he's not directly responsible for those activities.

He gets involved in all activities and is always more than willing to help anybody with anything he can.

I also found him to be very 'active' in that he always took action when he said he would.

He did this activity back and forth as necessary instead of just sending them my resume.

On the ramp he is always willing to help out and keep an eye on the overall activity.

He is always looking for the next challenge or the next developmental activity.

What he does no know and needs to know, he actively makes sure he finds out.

I wish my friend all the best always for each and every activity he undertakes.

He is very confident of what he is doing and really focuses on the activity.

He was also pro-active in following through with myself and the candidates.

He seems to enjoy it more than most and is very fluent at these activities.

Moreover, he is pro-active and always follows up on what he says he will do.

His example to those coming up and those already active is to be commended.

Wow, can't believe he's this active and still has that smile on his face.

The first thing he did is sit down with me and actively got to know me.

He is particular about his commitment and persistent with his activities.

He is very thorough and always sees activities through to conclusion.

John also actively gives back to the profession and to the society.

The activities in his workshops make me think beyond my imagination.

In all his course activities and his grades have been above average.

John's conduct throughout these activities has been outstanding.

He is very responsive and thorough in his approach to any activity.

John is very professional in the way he is conducting him activity.

I know that he will be successful in all of his future activities.

He actively reaches out and tries to better himself at every turn.

The activities arranged by him have always been new and exciting.

I especially liked the references and activities he incorporated.

He got involved in activities that went well beyond his mandate.

All of them are still active and successful within our company.

He had contributed in various activities during the curriculum.

He knows how to get things done efficiently and pro-actively.

I'm very grateful to be involved with him in these activities.

He is very active and help others, irrespective of his module.

He was and still is, totally focused on all of the activities.

John is an enthusiastic and sociable individual who is actively involved in many activities.

John's a forward thinker, and is meticulously pro-active rather than re-active.

He is quick to differentiate synergistic activity from divergent activity.

He took active interest co-curricular activities and excelled at them.

John's' reminder that we have all the power already inside, it just needs to be activated.

He is always willing to help however he can whether there is an active engagement or not.

John always followed through on activities and was extremely organized.

I don't know how he keeps all his activities organized, but he does.

He would often take on tasks that others would actively avoid.

At the same time he would be aware of the over-all activities.

He was involved with our college activities and organizations and took an active role.

John is truly an "activator" - he gets the job done when he says he will.

He knows exactly what he wants and actively pursues his goals.