Adaptability Performance Review Phrases Examples

Adaptability Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Thinks quickly to respond to a sudden change in information.
Takes new challenges and looks for a new way to solve problems.
Shows initiative and self-reliance when making suggestions for increasing the effectiveness.
Keeps an open mind and shows willingness to learn new methods and techniques.
Works overtime to help a colleague meet a deadline for a certain proposal.
Gets overwhelmed when multi-tasking.
Not able to stay poised and calm when presented with a dilemma or a sudden troubling event.
Does not show confidence when working with teams or clients that may have a different way of thinking.
Rarely helps other colleagues to accomplish tasks that require meeting deadlines.
Gets easily depressed when things go wrong or projects do not work out as expected.
Hardly attends training, workshops or any other research-based activity meant to increase self-efficiency.
Adapts well to small changes, but struggles when there is a larger issue that affects the whole office or department.
John is an individual with superior adaptability skills who can lead from the front on any project with a sure footed and methodical approach with guaranteed results.
With his leadership abilities, dedication, and adaptability, I have no doubts he will continue a path of success wherever he goes.
With his abilities, adaptability and dedication, John will make a great addition to any team, and they would be lucky to have him.
What struck me most were John's strengths around adaptability, building of effective teams, and communication.
John's strengths include loyalty, adaptability, flexibility, and an excellent business sense.
Adaptability and stress resilience strike me as two of his key strengths – enabling him to remain unflappable, focus and deliver quality results under high pressure.
I'm always impressed by his adaptability to change, as well as his ability to stick to his idea of how a thing should be.
He demonstrates adaptability, uses humour effectively and has an incredible ability to connect with each and every person, no matter what age, stage, or background.
John is a great blend of search, strategy, management and adaptability.
He is always informed in project tasks, their priorities and details.
Moreover, he is initiative, can work independently.
He is very enthusiastic and goes to any extent to meet the objectives constructively.
He is practical and always aims to execute quickly and effectively.
John was consistently able to meet him tight and demanding workload, with effective workable strategies.
He's very approachable and welcoming.
John has a professional attitude in the business environment and he is able to handle difficult situations by easily adapting to changes.
With co-workers, John is open to new ideas and alternate ways of approaching a challenge.
He is prompt and responsive as well as savvy in technology and emerging trends.
Understands and solves problems quickly and easily, so if you would like things to go smoothly on your project, you definitely want him on your team.
He can help you identify challenges in your business and find solutions to keep your business safe and on-track.
He always provides constructive feedback and is always ready to help his colleagues, even when he is very busy.
He is always on the leading edge with new technology.
John approaches every situation with a great wealth of research, best practices for the situation and great value for the client.
Anyone who knows him knows he loves to stay busy and active.
He can adjust to quickly changing environments and refine his approach to fit new circumstances and priorities.
He is a hard worker and gets the job done even if that involves working outside office hours.
I'm so grateful to him for helping me out of my "dilemma's" and helping me move forward with confidence and positivity.
When you work with him, stress is at a minimum and productivity is at a maximum.
My colleagues in my office also noticed how I've changed.
He is able to convert technology into a business solution.
John was transparent about the work he was doing, and was constantly looking at him challenging workload with a solutions-oriented approach.
When you think of John, you cannot help but wonder where he gets the energy.
He is a pioneer in an industry that is reluctant to change.
John is constantly investigating the latest trends and applying best practices in unique ways to increase efficiencies.
He was also very open and involved me in different external events.
He is well versed in balancing critical day-to-day operations with high-priority project work.
John has a huge passion for both technology, efficiency in business and helping people to succeed in business.
He has helped me and thousands of people in small business in many easy, effective and profitable ways.
Working with John was always easy and efficient.
Working with John has not only been positive, but also business life changing.
John has challenged my thinking and revised my methods in business.
Working alongside someone who is so enthusiastic and talented rubs off; you bounce around ideas that result in new business initiatives.
Always busy, juggling a large workload and priorities.
John is presentable, courteous, and always ready to get involved with new initiatives to improve efficiency.
He tackled tricky tasks with rather ingenious methods that proved both effective and efficient.
He has a proven ability to deal effectively with change, respond quickly and efficiently, and to persistently move towards the goal.
He is very hardworking, active, thinks out of the box and analyse each and every minute items in detail.
His enthusiastic approach in the workshop had me liking him immediately.