Admirable Performance Review Phrases Examples

Admirable Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not only exceptional at what he does, but he is also someone to admire.
He is admired and well liked by everyone, which, to him, is truly remarkable.
John also doesn't take himself too seriously, which is an admirable quality.
John is just one of those colleagues who you just can't help but admire.
He is admirable and he certainly will take the best out of the team.
His ability to get things done is something to really be admired.
He is well liked and admired throughout the whole organisation.
John is admired by many and that admiration is greatly deserved.
There is so much one can admire about him and am no different.
Leadership is one of his many admirable qualities, he'll never ask anyone to do anything he isn't willing to do himself.
John is very professional, he does what he says he will do, and his commitment to the cause is very admirable.
Also, he seems to have no enemies at all, and is well-liked in many different circles, which is so admirable.
While there is much to admire about him, two things always stood out to him as particularly impressive.
John expects the most from himself as well as from others, which is refreshing and admirable.
John is someone to both admire and if you're looking and he's available acquire his services.
John's characteristics are not ones that should just be followed, but inspired and admired.
Growth mindset is certainly something he carries with him and it is definitely admirable.
John leads by example, and that's how he's got the admiration of everybody in his team.
John has the personality you want to be around and the professionalism you can admire.
He is someone who is admired by his peers and is willing to help whenever necessary.
He is one of the most admired people who would get along very well with everyone.
He has been very outstanding among all and his admiration for him knows no limit.
John is one of the few persons who will be admired by anyone in the industry.
He's willing to help was admirable and much appreciated by his other colleagues.
A admire how he uses every chance he gets to make the most of the situation.
We admire him, appreciate his our company and are always looking to do more with him.
It should come as no surprise that he is well-liked and admired by his peers.
He is admired and liked by everyone he managed and everyone in the company.
He is liked as equally as he is admired by those above, below and around him.
John has always been admired by those who our company for him and by his customers.
What's most admirable to him, is how limitless he is in the way he thinks.
John is also one of these guys that you admire but also like having around.
John is very approachable and his attribute to help others was admirable.
His passion is admirable and is someone that knows how to get things done.
His passion is second to none and his know how and knowledge is admirable.
His passion for people and getting things right is really very admirable.
Rarely do you see someone who is admired as much by those he/he manages.
His passion for what he does is admired by himself and others around him.
The admiration the whole team has for him goes far beyond that, however.
His experience with him in and out of class has been one of admiration.
Respected, admired and liked by all who worked with him at the agency.
He is always pleasant and was liked and admired by all his co-workers.
Not only is he someone to admire working for, but also to truly know.
He is one of the few people you come across in your life and admire.
His focus on the success of others before himself is truly admirable.
John's passion and drive for everything he does is truly admirable.
His ever enthusiasm in taking up new assignments is really admirable.
His professionalism and enthusiasm in all that he does is admirable.
Many people look up to him and admire the things he's accomplished.
He is one of the very few bosses who is admirable and commendable.
His above and beyond dedication and commitment is truly admirable.
He is supportive and admired by not only himself, but his colleagues.
Him all round knowledge across all things digital is to be admired.
John's take on the technology landscape is something to be admired.
He is loved and admired by all and someone you want on your team.
His passion for what he does is unmistakable and to be admired.
His ownership of what he has been assigned to, is very admirable.
That is among his most prodigious gifts and he has his admiration.
He is resilient to changes and him self motivation is admirable.
John is one to be admired and will be successful anywhere he goes.