Admissions Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Admissions Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His responsibilities in that capacity have made him the ideal admissions representative.
John would be an asset to any organisation that he represents.
He represented the company well and was always there for the contractors he represented when they had questions or issues to resolve
He treats the company he represents as if he is the owner and each decision he makes is represented by that dedication.
He is an effective representative for the companies that he represents, and a strong influencer in the channel.
He is the company representative, however, he knows his reputation is really what he sells.
He considers the best for the parties he represents and always willing to go the extra step.
He represented his company with him many strengths, and never ending endurance.
You would have complete confidence in the way he represents your company.
He knew exactly what he wanted this party to feature and represent.
John certainly has represented his company very well as a vendor.
He represents the department very well to all levels of the organization.
The questions he asked admissions representatives showed his depth of understanding of the entire admissions process.
He represents the best of the best and has his strongest possible recommendation for employment.
His opinions are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of his employer.
He represented his case and saw him through it diligently right through to the end.
John represented and advised him on two different employment disputes.
He represents the very best that the human spirit has to offer.
He is truly an asset to the specific cause he is representing, and further, pleasant to be around.
He took the initiative and represented the company extremely well with little or no supervision.
He is enthusiastic about that which he represents yet is careful to believe in what he says.
He represents his company so well, and with such passion, that you truly want to sell for him.
He understood the needs of both parties and he represented both parties very exceptionally.
These strengths ensure that he and the company he represents are always on his short list
He does all of this with complete and utter commitment to the company he represents.
He represented the needs of both parties to maximize the opportunity for everyone.
He doesn't give up on his belief to bring value to the parties he represents.
He really understands and cares for the individual's that he represents.
John is highly responsive to the transaction that he represented him on.
John is an amazing guy to have represented the vendor experience.
He represents his company well in public and is very forthright.
His enthusiasm for our company and the platform he represents is contagious.
His first priority is making sure that he is representing his clients.
Each time he represented himself and his client's professionally