Admitting Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Admitting Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

People know him not only for who he is, but the company he represents.
John goes out of his way to make sure that he represents us within our company philosophy.
John wants what is best for not only the companies he represents, but also the candidates.
John always looks out for the best interest of the company that he is representing.
Undoubtedly he represents the teammate you will like to have in your company.
John always strives to help others along with representing his own company.
John would make any company proud to have him as their representative.
Because he will go to war for you and for the company he represents.
He is passionate about what he does and the company he represents.
John represents the best of what any company should be looking for.
John represents the best of all things female and entrepreneurial.
He always sold value, both his own and the company he represented.
This makes him well suited to represent the very best companies.
He'll represent you well and deliver the best possible results.
You know that you represent more than dollars to his company.
He truly is the best at what he does, but would never admit it himself.
Competitors probably even like him, though they are not admitting it.
He is never one to admit he knows everything unless he truly knows.
He always strives to be better and achieve more for not only himself, but for the company he represents.
That to him represents someone that is not afraid to try something new to get the results one desires.
He always represented our interests first and we were more than very pleased with the results.
His ideas are not only unique, but he really knows exactly how to represent your company.
John truly exemplifies the way someone should represent both their company and themselves.
John made sure to stand up for each contributor, making sure all were fairly represented.
The John company that he represents will be lucky to get him and will be the better for it.
John followed up well, represented himself well and conducted a very thorough search.
He represents their needs and always goes above and beyond to successfully solve them.
He clearly and enthusiastically represents his company and what makes it so special.
He achieved mostly everything when cooperating with the representatives of the state.
As his representative, he has also come through even in the worst of economic times.
John and his company consistently went above and beyond in representing his company.
The companies he has represented have always been enhanced by his representative
He has treated him as well if not better than the huge companies he represented
Most importantly, though, was the manner in which he represents the company.
John represented him for matters which had the potential to be quite critical.
Him connections are seen just by the companies and positions he represents.
He represents his company admirably and always does what he says he will do.
He always represents the company very well, but stands behind his employees.
The John company would be lucky to have him represent them to their clientele.
He represents the best of the best, and will always succeed as a result.
He would represent any company well and has his heartiest recommendation.
John represented him and found him the opportunity at his current company.
He could always represent the voice of the consumer within the company.
John provides an excellent introduction to the company he represents.
If ever there was an exemplary company representative, he was it.
Thank you for your time and interest; he represents your success.
He listens well to stakeholders and represents their interests.
He represents his company well with much pride and enthusiasm.
All the companies he represented him for ticked all the boxes.
Then the second time was at our company, when they were represented in our company.
He's the our company that any company would want representing them.
He knows how to bring the best out in people and help them represent themselves to the fullest.
He gets all of it - and he is one of the few people who represents his craft without any ego.
Moreover, he is genuinely concerned about the people he represents.
The funds that he represents do exactly what he promises of them.
John is an excellent host and representative of citysocializer.
He is one who will admit when he is wrong and ask for help from those above him and below him when he needs further clarification.
He is always willing to help and, although very rare, will be the first to admit when he doesn't know the answer.
He admits fairly that, hadn't he made mistakes in the past he couldn't have become who he is today.
He is not afraid to admit if he doesn't know what to do, and is always willing to try something out.
When he doesn't know something or how to do something, he admits it and then figures it out.
He is the first to admit when he needs help and does not try to fake anything.
He admitted when he did not understand and was willing to try new approaches.
But he was also humble enough to admit when someone else had the better idea.
Learning from his mistakes and always willing to admit when he was wrong.
It seems like he knows everything but is humble to admit when he doesn't.
John's not always right, but when he's wrong, he's the first to admit it.
He can do just about anything, and has, but is too modest to admit it.
He can be given responsibility and he can also admit his mistakes.
He does what he feels is right and admits it when he gets it wrong.
If his opportunity is not right for you, he is first to admit it.
If all other things are equal and the final decision comes down to the representative, he will always get the deal.
He wants the company he represents to succeed and will do everything in his ability to make that happen.
He took the time to explain things clearly and concisely and we felt that we were very well represented.
John not only represents that, but continues to strive towards further successes within our company.
He is well connected and understands how to articulate the value of the companies he is representing.
All of the government representatives and companies found him to be straightforward and very pleasant.
He holds himself to high standards and always wants the best results for everyone he is representing.
He knows the capabilities of the company he represents and does not promise what they cannot deliver.
He really spends the time getting to know him representatives, and how to cultivate each of them.
He represents his company with conviction and does it in a way that you cannot help but like.
He even stepped up to represent the committee at certain times when others weren't available.
He is thorough, makes sure he represents appropriately and extremely succinct and timely.
He really believes in the company that he represents with his loyalty and his enthusiasm.
His desire to help others succeed would make him valuable to any company he represents.
He represented his company to him in a way that made him stand out from his competition.
His commitment to his profession and to the company he represents are second to none.
He represents your best interested extremely well and listens to what you have to say.
To that end, he is great at making sure differing/opposing opinions are represented.
We counted on him to represent the station to our listeners and he always delivered.
In all respects, he is an excellent representative and spokesperson for his company.
John represented the company and himself extremely well and was destined to succeed
He delivers results for his client/company as well as candidates he represents.
He is sweet and kind and makes sure the company is represented in the best way.
He represented him and his teammates, and made accurate and consistent decisions.
A truly self-made man he represents the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Always takes on challenges and always represent himself with a can-do attitude.
John is passionate for the companies he represents and regular in his visits.
In the end, the company that he is representing is in a always win situation.
He represented the company and the position with passion and credibility.
His ability to succeed is limited only by the company that he represents.
He would bring any company's success that he represents, he never gives up.
He represents himself in an authentic and positive manner at all times.
John represents leadership that most companies are seeking and few have.
He represents great companies and is always punctual with his responses.
He encompasses all that can be hoped for in a company representative
Would highly recommend him to represent your company in any situation.
Therefore, he is a great ambassador for any company that he represents.
During his time there he represented us across a number of verticals.
His optimistic attitude represents an additional plus of his profile.
Quite simply, he would make a great representative for any company.
John represented at that time as resource manager the main supplier.
Great ideas and easy going style - that represents his abilities.
A valued representative of any company lucky enough to have him.
He represents the company in a great way and it really matters.
We felt that we never let down and with him on board representing us at our company we would succeed.
John goes above and beyond his fiduciary duties to represent the companies