Advertising Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advertising Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was one of the most energetic and tenacious account executives on the staff.
He has considerable boardroom experience in both executive and non executive roles.
John's is an excellent account executive committed to his client's success.
John is one of the most knowledgeable dependable advertising companies that we use for our advertising.
It was very obvious that he was more than just an account executive to the contractors as well as to the company in which placed these people.
He is a very knowledgeable, seasoned, and well traveled account executive.
He's a visionary who plans and executes while holding himself accountable.
He always motivated him account executives and was totally involved with them and their clients.
He knows how to get the best advertising results for any business.
He closed several large accounts for the company and executed an effective revenue ramp strategy for each account.
John is bright and knows how to collaborate and execute towards results.
I strongly recommend him for executive finance and accounting roles.
He has extensive experience in the advertising industry, and was one of our top account executives.
John experience with him has shown me that he is more than just another executive.
He is attuned to what advertising customers need to succeed, and how best to motivate his account executives to exceed even their own expectations.
John was very hands-on with our account and gave us great direction with our advertising.
John has his finger on the pulse of where online advertising is going - advanced accountability and targeting.
Whether you are his advertiser or his publisher, he'll be there whenever you need help and will look out for your best interests.
John is a detail-oriented executive who knows his way around online advertising.
He was well liked by his clients and colleagues and always willing to partner with other account executives to help clients maximize their advertising efforts.
He is willing to roll up his sleeves and execute where it's important.
These characteristics make him a great partner and account executive for any client.
John is an accomplished finance executive who is reliable, accountable and dependable.
John is the archetype executive that is committed to making the right thing happen.
He's as solid as they come and has executive leadership written all over him.
He executes with accuracy, and he knows how to achieve positive results.
John doesn't just bring an accounting background, he has performed various roles at the executive level.
With strong accountability and ethics, he has brought the world of radio advertising to new heights.
John is a creative, helpful, reliable and efficient advertising executive.
I've passed him along to many other executives and all have had the same experience - excellent.
Because of his executive and extensive experience, he knows how making it happen.
John is brilliant in execution with many years of experience.
John's experience, expertise and execution are second to none.
His can-do attitude is infectious, and if you need someone who can execute against all odds, he's your man.
He is having a very good attitude and ownership of the tasks/projects he is executing.
John has a very positive attitude towards executing work/tasks.
If you see his presentation advertised again, try to catch it.
He can even guide how to best advertise to get people to join.
John was a self motivated account executive who was consistently a top performer each quarter.