Advertising Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advertising Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is one of the best in the widget advertising industry.

He's one of the best in the online advertising industry.

John knows the advertising industry inside and out.

He knows very well the advertising and media industry.

John's reputation is so well known in the industry that one almost didn't need to advertise him sessions.

John has been one of my best hires ever during many years in the advertising industry.

John has made a name for himself within the advertising industry as is well respected.

Anyone in the industry should consider the advantages of advertising with him.

John has been one of the pillars of the interactive advertising industry.

He came to us as our new rep for advertising in the fire industry.

He could probably be the best ad guy in our advertising industry.

He is respected and admired throughout the advertising industry.

One of the brightest mind in advertising industries.

John knows our industry and what I need in advertising as well as anyone.

I would certainly recommend John to anyone in the advertising industry.

He is very insightful about the Internet advertising industry.

John is an icon of the Australian advertising industry.

He goes above and beyond, and makes everyone excited about advertising.

I will continue to use him as often as possible when advertising.

He knows exactly what he wants from his advertising agency.

The advertising he provides is like no other out there.

We were one of the first advertisers for his magazine.

John always provides value for our advertising dollars.

Way better than advertised, you won't be disappointed.

Can't understand why he never went into advertising.

Sometimes, advertising might not even be the answer.

So far it had the best ROI of any of our advertising.

John is definitely an incomparable in the marketing and advertising industry.

John is truly an industry veteran and knows the online advertising industry in and out.

He has always had incredible insight into the advertising industry, with particular focus on display advertising.

John was new to advertising when he came and has learned the nuances of the industry quickly.

His professionalism and credibility within the advertising industry is second to none.

His accumulative experience in the advertising industry has truly given him an edge.

I am sure in future he will lead our advertising industry and make all of us proud.

John has one of the most brilliant minds in the advertising and branding industry.

A consummate professional that knows the advertising industry through and through.

He is well connected, understands the advertising industry and gets things done.

John is one of the best brains I have worked with in the advertising industry.

He is one of the premier interactive advertising professionals in our industry.

He is passionate about his work, his advertisers, colleagues, and the industry.

John has over the years provided keen insight into the advertising industry.

He is an asset to his organization and the advertising specialties industry.

John has tons of passions towards the advertising and marketing industry.

He gave us insights into the advertising industry that were invaluable.

He will no doubt make great contributions to the advertising industry.

John is one of the great intellects of the global advertising industry.

He knows the search and contextual advertising industries cold.

John is the industrial-strength glue of the advertising agency.

We shared an honest outlook on the advertising industry.

Definitely someone who I can rely on to get things done and to get insights on the advertising industry.

John is one of the best professionals that I have ever worked with in the advertising industry.

And I am also very sure that he will climb many more ladders in the advertising industry.

I find that John knows everyone in the mobile and advertising industry.

Him advertising works and is so much more affordable than other forms of advertising.

Always willing to think outside the square and to be innovative in how we advertise.

John always had innovative ideas to make advertising beneficial to the advertiser.

John has and probably will always be my mentor in the field of advertising.

We went ahead with their advertisement and we are thrilled with the results.

He has always been my go-to guy for what is going on in display advertising.