Advertising Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advertising Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He taught him the basics of advertising which was totally not in his management & advertising books.
Affiliates, search, advertiser management, you name it, he can do it.
And, of course, he is perfect in managing advertising agencies.
It was a pleasure to be his manager, mostly because did not have to really do any management.
Though he is capable of managing himself, he is very willing to be managed by superiors.
There are managers who supervise and there are managers who get things done, he is both.
Sometimes, you do not know how great the manager is until he is no longer your manager.
He is interested in not only improving what he manages but also those whom he manages.
If he continues to manage himself the way, he has managed, so far, he would go places.
Somehow, he manages to gracefully do this while managing many other priorities.
He manages according to the appropriate priorities and does not micromanage
He provides management expertise to those he oversees and directly manages.
Anyone he hires and manages says he's the best manager they've ever had.
John managed him for two years and was one of his two favorite managers.
He provided enough management and guidance, but did not micromanage
Projects under his management are clear and extremely well managed.
John wasn't just his manager - he was the entire company's manager.
John manages successfully both up and down the management ladder.
He never shows that he is a manager, but he manages everything.
Though he is our manager, but never felt like he is managing us.
John is a unique manager in that he has done what he manages.
His best management attributes is that he doesn't micro-manage.
As his manager, he didn't manage him in the traditional sense.
Our company from the trenches: John was his manager's manager.
He is a well-rounded manager in that he could manage anyone under him well, but could also manage and interact with those above him.
He made management easy for him because he was self-managed and self-motivated.
John always had innovative ideas to make advertising beneficial to the advertiser.
A manager who is willing to discuss issues and help those he manages is a very valuable manager indeed.
Additionally, he managed two external advertising agencies with excellence.
He managed our advertising agency to its maximum effectiveness.
Not only is he a great manager, he is also an advertising pro.
A really inspiring manager who always tried to get the best out of us without shouting in our faces that he is our manager.
He is one manager who doesn't just manage, he changes whole cultures in any company he's been in, and for the better.
He really knows how to manage; to deflect roadblocks and let those that he manages to be the best that they can be.
He managed several employees and everyone one of them considered him one of the best managers they had ever had.
He doesn't micro manage your responsibilities, but is still successful in getting the most out of his managers.
He makes connections easily, both with those he manages and with those above him in the management chain.
Perhaps most importantly, he is liked and respected by those he manages, as well as those who manage him.
He is an extremely helpful manager that was always looking out for and helping those he managed.
As a manager, he looks out for his employees and does his best to help them manage their workload.
He is particularly good with stakeholders and manages upwards as well as he manages downwards.
John managed up, managed down, always exceeding every expectation in every situation.
John managed so much it was impossible to understand how he managed to do it all.
One of his benchmarks for good management is that someone manages both up and down.
He is an excellent manager, respected and appreciated by all those he managed.
John also managed him directly and is a truly compassionate and helpful manager.
When managing difficult stakeholders, he is the manager you want to have around.
John not only manages himself well but is easily capable of managing others.
He's well-liked by hiring managers, and he's excellent at managing candidates.
He later became his manager and was a very responsive and encouraging manager.
His ability to manage up and manage down simultaneously is also very good.
John helped us manage the rules instead of being managed by the rules.
Only when absolutely necessary did he directly manage (micro-manage) us.
He established an outstanding rapport with the managers and management.
He self manages, influences, and manages stakeholders with confidence.
He manages situations and does not allow the situation to manage him.
He can manage and deal with personnel at all levels of management.
A great manager who manages to extract the best out of his employees.
John is always easy to manage because he is good at managing himself.
After becoming a manager, he proved to the best among managers too.
He is a very fair manager and have compassion for those he manages.
Great manager who always looked to grow the employees he managed.
As a manager, he was always available, but not a micro-manager.
He manages the expectations of candidates and hiring managers.
John stood out as a manager because of his ability to manage.
As his manager at our company, he empowered him and never micro managed.
He knows everything about advertising, and how to get your name out to others.
He goes above and beyond, and makes everyone excited about advertising.
Working with him is about the most fun you can have on advertising.
He knows where advertising is going and where it should be going.
Thank you for everything you did on the our company advertising.
He gets on with everyone around him and is dedicated to getting the best out of himself and of everyone he manages.
You don't need to manage him directly - he knows what he is doing and he probably knows it better than you do.
He manages by example, never asking anyone to do something he is not willing to do himself.
Come to think of it, he probably should have been managing him, not the other way round.
He doesn't accept anything less than the best from himself and those that he manages.
He knows indeed how to get the best from everyone by managing but also challenging.
What makes him the best manager is that he's always there for you when you need him.
And, he still manages to come back asking if there was more he could do to help.
He has done this not only for those that he has managed, but also for himself.
He knows what needs to be done and will always manage to get things sorted.
Unlike any other managers, he has gone out of his way to help him in any way
He has been always at least one step ahead of the needs of those he manages.
He always manages to get things done even when others would have given up.
He's someone who almost manages himself, and needs very little supervision.
John goes above and beyond, doing more than management and others realize.
This made him deliver at his best, what more can be said about your manager.
Therefore, he could manage each of us in the way that was most effective.
Among all of the managers there, he is one of the best for many reasons.
He made sure his needs were met as well as the needs of the two managers.
If you manage to do something with him consider yourself very fortunate.
And he manages to do all that without ever taking himself too seriously.
For example, he listens to everyone, even the ones who are not managers.
He managed to get few changes done and very often made things happened.
He knows how to get things done and requires very little management.
He will always go above and beyond to help out him hiring managers.
Somehow he always manages to help everyone and is well liked by all.
He is one of the best things that will ever happen to any manager.
From the very beginning, he was different from his other managers.
A manager who is available besides you when you want him the most.
This would be challenging for him, which he will definitely manage.
He always managed to come through, despite being understaffed.
He even managed to keep up with him and that's saying something.
He took something that was scary for him and made it manageable.
He managed to get the best out of everyone and still get more.
He has managed him well and have gone above and beyond for him.
John organization would be better for having him in management.
The management that he provided to all of us did that happen.
We look forward to see him for the further management courses.
Without his help and management, nothing would get done here.
Unfortunately for him, no other manager has come to his liking.
Feedback from him manager has been nothing less than stellar.
Thanks for managing him and thanks for all of the inspiration.
Whatever he did, whoever he managed, he came up with results.
He's actually one of those managers that should be in charge.
John has just taken this position as his first in management.
John, as he is popularly known was one of his first managers.
John knows the difference between managing, and managing well.
He manages others very well while remaining manageable as well.
He demonstrates loyalty to the company, his management as well as to those he manages.
He is an effective manager - well liked by his subordinates, peers and management.
John's approach to management is very hands-off and he never micro-manages.
John manages through thorough understanding of sound management principles.
He can manage many different roles in the world of online advertising.
John always managed to keep himself and those around him motivated.
John understands these subtleties in both the advertising platforms and his advertiser needs.
He doesn't just manage up, but has been his role model on how to manage the sub-ordinates.
His ability to manage and teach by example, sets him apart from most managers.
John's what you'd call a manager's manager; other seasoned managers turn to him for advice and guidance.
He manages to successfully balance this compassion while satisfying him advertisers.
John is client oriented as he understands that without advertisers, there is no advertising.
He is there when you needed his advice and input, he was always on top of things, but somehow he managed to do all of these things and not over manage.
Unfortunately, he was the last manager hired and when we had to downsize, he was one of two managers whose positions were eliminated.
John's polished approach to management and simply getting things done is second to none as he is the manager of the future.
He is thrown into many challenging situations and managed to persevere and get the best out of those he managed.
In regards to managing changes, he stays on top of those requests and manages the changes very effectively.
He is a manager that empowers those he manages which allows them the flexibility to think outside the box.
John is one of his first managers, and as such he set high expectations for all of his managers to follow.
John has always been someone to count on whether he is managing a search for you or managing your search.
He manages to make everything look effortless and manages to calm what otherwise could be a scrum.
Few managers have the luxury of being excellent in every aspect of the profession which he manages.
Not only has he been a phenomenal manager, but he has been the perfect example of "managing up".
By taking such an active interest in all around him, he managed up and down the management chain.
He somehow managed to do that, giving him the impression that he was micro-managing situations.
John is the ideal manager in that he doesn't micro-manage and he trusts his employees.
He's an inspiration for all women in management who want to manage effectively with grace.
He's also a thoughtful and effective manager, as those who have managed him will attest.
He managed with diplomacy, but without ambiguity, whether managing up the chain or down.
He does not need any management at all but helps him be a very effective manager himself.
The key word being guidance as he does not manage to the philosophy of micro management.