Advertising Sales Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advertising Sales Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

What makes his profile particularly interesting is his sales background - he gets what sales wants.

John is one of the foremost experts in sales enablement and sales transformation.

John has always been prompt whether it is for pre-sales or post-sales needs.

John is the sales guy that you don't know you are talking to a sales guy.

I could tell right away - he's been around and he knows exactly what sales look like in reality.

John knows what he wants and knows how to get things done, he is cut out for sales.

He is truly someone you can count on, both before, during and after the sale.

He does what's right when no one is looking, which is less common in sales.

John knows sales inside and out so he can help you grow your sales and bottom line.

He was not only driven to increase sales through his exceptional sales ability, but also by being clinically sound.

I recommend him highly for any sales role, having seen him wear many sales hats.

Even when he was in sales, he liked to know and understand about everything and anything that is going around.

If he says he has something that can help you believe him because he is not a guy just out for the sale.

Couple that with his sales knowledge/experience and you can see why has been so successful.

John always seem to make his way to the top in both sales and profitability.

The fact of the matter is that he is one of the best when it comes to sales.

John was always looking to add value for us without just focusing on sales.

He understands that it is all about the sale and will help you get there.

He didn't come in like a bulldozer and tell us how to do everything sales.

He is in it, not for just the sale, but more importantly to help others.

Him advertising works and is so much more affordable than other forms of advertising.

John's passion for sales allows him to shine in any sales environment and this passion would add value to any organization.

John has created and delivered a very successful sales course for our franchises that has doubled our sales.

He is not afraid to challenge sales stereotypes and offer a better way to increase your sales.

He guided us through a complex sale, and was always available post-sale to fix problems.

John devised "sales sprints" and other sales competitions to exceed monthly targets.

John has tremendous sales acumen and ability to quickly grasp sales situations.

His breadth and depth of expertise in pre-sales and post-sales are unmatched.

He always goes above and beyond what is asked and will help someone with anything he can, even if it doesn't mean a sale for him.

And, because of both of those things, he was more likely than not at the top of the sales tracker each month.

He was always there for us whenever we had any issues, not just when there was a sale to be made.

He doesn't really need my recommendation because anyone in the sales world knows about him.

He came through with short sale options when we didn't think we had somewhere else to turn.

John's sales ability is second to none and he was always so successful at whatever he did.

He has been around the traps and what he doesn't know about sales is hardly worth knowing.

He is very aggressive with his sales techniques and that is what made him very successful.

He was always available without being overbearing (as is sometimes typical within sales).

I appreciate what he did for us and recommend him for the sale side of the transaction.

He always has the sales number in mind and looks at almost everything through that lens.

He has been there after the sale, with tips and advice in regards to what to do next.

John is enthusiastic and very trustworthy and was always there to help with a sale.

John took me from being an idiot in sales, to be much better, in only a few months.

What he does flies in the face of almost everything you've been taught about sales.

I never had to worry about being able to contact him for anything after the "sale".

I know because he did that for me, and then delivered millions of dollars in sales.

He always had suggestions or ideas that could be used in many sales situations.

John is not someone who needs to be provided with a sales playbook to succeed.

John only does what he believes in so him sales passion comes from his heart.

John is always looking at the horizon, to seek for new sales opportunities.

I could always see him sales instincts, but he really blossomed in that role.

He was just so good at so many things that contributed to sales and renewals.

Quarter after quarter, he was always at or near the top of the sales ranking.

I can recommend him to everyone who wants to get his sales number increased.

I would recommend him and his magazine to anyone in the profession of sales.

John is a very outgoing individual who was always looking to make the sale.

Add to that the fact that he "gets sales" and you could ask for no better.

And he was an inspiration to many in sales, as well as others who knew him.

He already possesses all of the attributes that make someone good in sales.

I am sure that he will do well in any sales role, and recommend him highly.

I would definitely hire him again, especially for complex sales situations.