Advertising Sales Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advertising Sales Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a talented sales executive that executes and drives revenue.
John has enough experience in sales to help any sales organization.
He effectively grew sales by identifying and cultivating talented subordinate sales executives.
As a sales executive, he drives win-win/value add situations, not one way sales transactions.
He is very sales orientated and always looking at new ways and ideas for increasing sales.
He is always looking for new ways to increase sales, and is very driven to close sales.
He has the ability to pursue new sales opportunities and always closes the sale.
John is always incredibly responsive to our sales requests and sales situations.
His enthusiasm for sales and the advancement of his sales force is contagious.
I would certainly recommend him in either a sales or sales leadership role.
John advised our sales force to help us refine the way we thought about and execute our sales process.
His loyalty was also without question, as was his drive to get what he needed to execute sales.
I would recommend that all the executives and employees of any sales company take his class.
He is a diligent, conscientious and self motivated sales executive.
John is an extremely talented and accomplished sales executive.
He gives new momentum to the executive procedure in online advertising.
John is a fantastic advertising executive, extremely dedicated.
He is well balanced and understands the sensitivities associated with administering sales compensation payouts to seasoned sales executives.
John is an impeccable sales executive who gets the intricate details of the online advertising world.
He has also been willing to help us with questions following the sale.
He is very attentive before, during, and yes, even after the sale.
John followed through on the sale well after it was completed.
He is results oriented and knows that the true responsibilities of a sales executive is to deliver outstanding sales results.
John is an asset to any sales and sales leadership organization.
John is an effective individual and wonderful to worth with an advertising sales.
He can boost sales without burning money on useless advertising.
I can say honestly that he is as hardworking and agile as any sales executive out there.
Through his foresight and execution, his sales and satisfaction numbers were consistently among the best in the company.
He is honest, dedicated, and incredibly convincing - everything you want in a sales executive.
John is a dedicated and disciplined sales executive, and consistently makes his numbers.
He is a successful sales executive with strong follow-thru on every deal.
He understands the solution sale, which is rare, especially in pre-sales.
He teaches sales techniques that redefine how you perceive sales.
John is a result based sales executive and will always be in your top performer sales group.
He is a hands on sales executive with the best intentions for his people and the company.
His dedication to sales is outstanding, unyielding to anything less than what is expected in the sales force.
John consistently delivered the most well qualified sales opportunities from his inside sales position.
Working with him suggestions and advice has really boosted my sales success and sales confidence.
He took on his new challenge in sales with great enthusiasm which reflected in his sales results.
Through his leadership, sales opportunities were identified and increased sales were realized.
John has my unqualified recommendation for any role involving sales or sales leadership.
I watched his sales and sales forces expand as he opened new opportunities.
He is very professional, proactive and more often than not on the mark with sales executives.
He is the most professional and ethical sales executive you will find.
He is the penultimate sales professional, with an executive presence.
John is a tactic minded, highly successful sales executive.
John is one of those very talented sales executives who knows instinctively how to sell an idea.
John is an experienced sales executive who really helped propel us to our next stage of growth.
He is not only a dedicated and brilliant employee, but also an inspiring sales executive.
John is an energetic and dynamic sales executive with a 'can do attitude'.
Some of us use to joke that he was an advertising savant- near genius at strategy and execution.
John is an articulate and highly motivated sales executive with a plethora of direct sales and channel sales experience.
John is a highly capable sales executive with experience and expertise that spans all aspects of advertising.
He will see the sale right to the end and always has our best interest in all his dealings.
John's attentiveness to our needs both before and after the sale were very appreciated.
John is not in sales, but does everything he can to help close deals.
He is more concerned about doing what is more right than making the sale.
John has an eagerness and determination not often seen in sales.
He consistently went above and beyond for me in sales pursuits.
He also came with me to do the signing of the close of the sale.