Advertising Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advertising Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was my direct manager in my first sales management position at our company.
John always had innovative ideas to make advertising beneficial to the advertiser.
John is the reason you want to get into advertising and stay in advertising.
John was my first colleague/mentor in pharmaceutical sales management.
John is one of the best sales people and an excellent manager.
John helped me really well in getting to the next level of sales management.
I have had the privilege to manage his sales efforts of two companies.
John is one of the best sales managers that we deal with as a company.
John has an outstanding record in sales and sales leadership.
John first interviewed me to leave my advertising sales territory and to join the management.
He made a swift and successful transition to advertising sales and made an immediate impact on our sales revenues.
John is the best there is when it comes to getting the most for your advertising dollars.
He knows everything about advertising, and how to get your name out to others.
He goes above and beyond, and makes everyone excited about advertising.
John was the most engaged and passionate of all the state sales managers.
He is great at sales, and also is outstanding at managing personnel.
John is an enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated sales manager.
In fact, he understood sales better than most sales people, me being one of them.
He's one of those unique sales people who are not satisfied with the actual sale.
He also taught my partner manager, sales techniques to help better manage partners.
John is a professional and effective advertising sales manager.
John is very talented in sales and in running sales organizations.
He is also one of the few successful sales people to make the transition to management.
John has an approach to sales management that brings out the very best in people.
He was very successful in alliance partner management, and in sales.
He knew how to manage sales people without being overbearing.
John is not only an excellent sales manager, but he is also a top-notch people manager.
He is dependable, motivated, and is in tune with the needs of his sales managers.
He taught me what was needed to succeed in advertising sales and publishing.
John has consistently proven himself to be an expert in leadership, management and sales.
John was promoted and was responsible for managing the sales at round peg.
It was evident that sales management respected and trusted his judgment.
He was my mentor and encouraged my passion for sales and management.
John is a visionary when it comes to sales management and strategy.
He is an aggressive sales manager with respect closure of deals.
John is the role model for what sales management is all about.
At that time, he has become the standard by which we compare other advertising sales reps.
John should be your go-to source if you need help with sales.
Additionally, he is also very good at management and sales training.
John is also an exceptional manager and motivator of sales people.
He has always been my go-to guy for what is going on in display advertising.
The only difference between him and Wikipedia is, that he does advertising.
John is such a man, which already doesn't need an advertising.
He is now my go-to expert for all things advertising at our company.
He was confident in handling the sometimes difficult tasks of sales management.
John was an excellent sales manager, and an extremely competent salesman.
Experienced and engaging, he's a very strong sales-oriented manager.
His ability to help new and experienced sales people through difficult sale was his specialty.
John has a great sales pedigree, and can hold his own with the best of sales people.
John has that wonderful ability to demystify sales for non-sales people like me.
He's a team player that can bring his sales passion on to his salespeople.
He is a terrific sales gold individual when sales are foremost.
John's strengths are in his sales leadership and hands on approach through the sales cycle.
He has an excellent sales acumen and knows how to motivate and reward sales personnel.
John would be a fantastic asset to any sales or advertising organization.
I think it means he can make advertising feel like it isn't advertising, when consumers happen upon it.
Lew takes a very hands on approach to managing and his efforts have proven to increase advertising sales.
John has an outstanding sales and sales management mind and truly understands the customer's perspective.
Without his leadership, we could not have achieved the dramatic growth in current sales and sales pipeline.
He is adept at creating sales strategies and roadmaps for sales success.