Advisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows exactly what advisors want, and he always delivers.
John is definitely someone to have as an advisor on your side.
Our company cannot ask more from an advisor than what we got from John.
It has been his pleasure to have worked with him, know him and have him as an advisor.
Johns comes off so much so as an advisor that you get more than what you paid for.
John has the best qualities anyone could ask for in an investor and advisor.
John is now his friend, advisor and hopefully soon, his co-conspirator.
Definitely the right choice for an advisor who will our company in the industry.
Throughout college, he was his advisor as well as one of his professors.
He has transformed himself from technical advisor to a business advisor
John has been known to him for many years as one of his financial advisors
He has been there for him as an advisor as well as the very patient listener
He has the knowledge and integrity that you look for in any advisor.
John is one of his key advisors, even though he may not know it.
John is not his first financial advisor, but he is by far the best.
He will be one of his go to advisors for the remainder of his career.
John has been and advisor to him and his companies for many years.
John is the one guy that you want on your team and as your advisor.
We are fortunate enough to have him as an advisor to our company.
John has been an excellent advisor to him on several occasions.
John is one of the best career advisors one should always have.
John's not like your standard advisor that only gives advice.
John may not know this, but he was an advisor of sorts for him.
He has been an advisor to both franchisor's and franchisee's.
For the our company year or so he has been an advisor to our board.
Our company is never out of options when John is your advisor.
John is an advisor to our company when it was getting funded