Advocate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Advocate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He got to know us, our wants and needs and was our greatest advocate.
Not only will he be your advocate but you will end up being friends.
He is an advocate that is always looking out for your best interest.
Anyone who gets to know him becomes an immediate brand advocate.
John is, before everything else, the customer's best advocate.
John went out of his way to be an advocate for his interests.
We could always expect him to be doing what he was advocating.
As such, he was not only his supervisor, but also an advocate.
He always does what he says he is going to do, and him clients know at the end of the day that he is their advocate.
Admitting that what we do as recruiters is something he could never do, he is our biggest advocate.
He has always been an advocate for his team, even when that might have come at his own expense.
He's also an advocate for taking action - that's the only way to get to where you need to go.
He's always been one or two steps ahead of him and is an advocate for doing the right thing.
He's not just an advocate for customer needs, but also for the best possible use of data.
John becomes an advocate for their interests, and in turn they become advocates for him
He is willing to do what it takes to get it right and advocate for the best outcomes.
John is the advocate that one would like to have on his part, rather against him.
He is an advocate for the really important things that can sometimes be overlooked.
John will definitely be an advocate for you to make sure the process goes smoothly.
He is an advocate for you as him customer while doing the best for his company.
He is truly an advocate for what is best for both his clients and his prospects.
John that some of the changes he has long-advocated are about to take place.
He has always advocated for the team, and knows how to get the best out of people.
John is passionate about what he does and is an advocate for the customer.
He has always been an advocate and provided many opportunities for his growth.
He leads by example and is an advocate for getting it right the first our company.
John not only provides results, he becomes one of your biggest advocates.
He is an advocate for him and for others who worked under him at the our company.
Moreover, it is his propensity for being an advocate which is most notable.
He always went above and beyond and advocated for the student's interests.
John is always an advocate for all of the employees and especially him.
John is an advocate not only for the client, but also for what is right.
He doesn't try to over sell and has been an advocate for us when needed.
He also advocates well for customers/constituents when the need arises.
He is an advocate for those around him and generous with his knowledge.
John has always advocated for the best possible experience for the end user.
He gets to know them, advocates for them, and plays to their strengths.
With his approach, you feel that he is there for you, as an advocate.
John advocates for the right thing over the easy thing every our company.
If you found him, you're fortunate - you have an advocate for life.
He gets things done and have been always and advocate for his client base.
He always listened to our needs and advocated for us as his client.
John is probably the best customer advocate inside his company.
He's an asset to anyone looking for an advocate for their cause.
He goes above and beyond becoming the essential client advocate.
Customers appreciate his tenacity in advocating on their behalf.
If you need an advocate on your lease, he is the only way to go.
John is an incredible advocate for our value from Salesforce
He is one of our best advocates for design in the organisation.
But above all else, he's an unapologetic advocate for his team.
John is not just his boss, he was his advocate and his friend.
He is clearly seen as an advocate and expert by his customers.
He truly was his advocate and wanted only what was best for him.
His actions as an advocate for our needs have been exemplary
He is an advocate for the need for transformation and change.
Our company, clients can ask for no better advocate than John.