Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

But since they're not, all we can say is make sure he's your agent.
John has always gone out of his way to help him and his agents.
He goes above and beyond to make sure his agents have everything they need to be successful.
We also liked that he didn't come off as "salesy" as most agents.
As an agent, he is definitely someone you want in your corner.
When other agents said it couldn't be done, he made it happen.
He has always gone above and beyond what any other agent would ever have done to make sure we found the right property for us.
Several of his agents went our of their way to thank him afterwards for asking him to speak to us.
John always provided the best service to not only him, but all of the agents in the office.
He is very well rounded from his past experiences and uses them well to help his agents.
He is an excellent agent who has proven himself to be the go-to agent in this market.
John is an incredible agent that goes above and beyond the typical "agent" stereotype.
John is fantastic for our company with, he has everything that you would want in an agent.
John is an agent that can be used as an example of professionalism, and honesty.
He treats every agent like he or he is the only agent that works in the office.
He is very supportive and always looking for new things to bring to him agents.
John is our insurance agent and also the agent for one of our largest clients.
John has been his agent during different contracts over the past seven years.
John is well liked by agents, is willing to listen and take suggestions.
John makes himself readily available to himself, our agents and staff.
John might best be described as an agent of change - in perspective.
Over the years he has been both our selling agent and our buying agent.
We interviewed several agents and he was definitely the most prepared.
He goes above beyond what most health agents will do for their clients.
We have never met before him becoming our agent and we are not related.
John is an excellent agent who is looking out for his best interests.
Highly recommend using him if you are in need of an agent in the area.
It really is more like working in partnership or with his own agent.
Unlike other agents he was always there to help him and support him.
He truly wants to see the success of his agents and our clients.
There are lots of agents out there, but very few of his caliber.
He is an inspiration to himself and other agents in the office.
He provided service above and beyond what many agents provide.
It was obvious right away he was not one of those bad agents.
He walked through each property with us and the other agents.
John and his team were truly exceptional amongst other agents.
John is not like all the other 'recruitment agents' out there.
He is honest, especially unusual considering he was an agent.
The our company that he does with the new agents is phenomenal.
John is the our company agent all other agents should strive to be.
Our company would never be sorry if you chose John for your agent.