Aggressive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Aggressive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is aggressive and will always make sure everything is done before leaving.
And he has done all this because he has the personality and aggressiveness to help you out and get things done at the same our company.
Willing to listen, but also knows how to make himself be heard without being aggressive.
He simply knows what will be the best for his clients and goes after it aggressively.
He is known to be aggressive and always aims to be the best in everything he does.
He is very personable, aggressive when he needs to be, and knows what's going on.
While he does not appear to be aggressive, he has always delivered to expectations.
He is very aggressive in making sure things get done right and the best he can.
Although he was aggressive with targets, he would always be there for his team.
He comes out to be fairly aggressive, but its for a cause, once he is convinced.
Some of them were getting aggressive with him, and at times it was intimidating.
John goes after new opportunities aggressively, even if they are old customers.
John is clearly aggressive and competitive, but he did it all the right way.
He aggressively finds opportunities without being aggressive with customers.
He made himself available when needed and was never too pushy or aggressive.
John is an aggressive hunter who is always looking for his next deal.
He is very detailed and aggressive in doing all he can for his clients.
He's not shy about getting answers, but doesn't come off as aggressive.
He is always ready to help, regardless of very aggressive deadlines.
He is aggressive and goes for it in whatever endeavor he is pursuing.
He is enthusiastic, aggressive and gets things done thru his people.
He kept in our company with him, but was never aggressive in his approach.
He is on top of everything without being too pushy or aggressive.
The beauty of his working is his aggression with so much so calm
He does this in a way that is not confrontational or aggressive.
He has the ability to be very aggressive without being abrasive.
He is aggressive, thorough and his follow through is impeccable.
He is aggressive, yet come across as understanding and helpful.
And when it comes to revenue goals, he can be quite aggressive.
John is aggressive and works well within any given environment.
Always trying new things and aggressive in his approach to our company.
He's networked, not because he is an aggressive self promoter.
John knows his our company and pushes it with all aggression.
Our company aggressive and one of the best Recruiter in the company.