Agile Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Agile Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Being a trained coach it can sometimes be difficult to find someone to coach you, but he truly is the coach of coaches.

John is one of those coaches that actually makes it feel as though you are not being coached.

His knowledge of agile and coaching were second to none and his coaching was very well received by the client.

John is like an agile library, he knows everything about agile.

He has been successfully ramping up agile coach networks and been acting as the coach of the coaches himself.

John is a very experienced agile coach who is already thinking beyond agile.

I've had many coaches and this was my best coaching experience with the best results.

This further reassures me that everyone needs a coach, and everyone needs coaching.

John is always willing to listen to and learn from others, to coach and be coached.

John has the ability to coach you without you realizing you are being coached.

Every coach and consultant need their own coach to take it to the next level.

John is the consummate coach, even when he is not officially "coaching".

I'm well versed in transformational coaching, and have known many coaches.

John is an amazing coach and being coached by him is an investment.

John is just an excellent coach, no matter what he is coaching.

John was my first coach, and he inspired me to become a coach.

He's equally as good at being coached as he is as coaching others and has given me many valuable insights and coaching.

I would absolutely recommend him as both a coach, and a coach for coaches.

I particularly liked seeing him in action as a trainer and agile coach.

I believe he is one of the most knowledgeable agile coaches in the John.

John is a brilliant coach, whether it be for business coaching or personal coaching.

This makes him an "extra-ordinary" coach - with so many coaches available, I recommend the coach of coaches, John Pomerantz.

John is one of the product owners that is agile and does not just do agile.

Unlike many of us he had already been coaching for some time - and it showed.

We came to know each other when we were both becoming certified coaches.

John always goes above and beyond and coaches others wherever he can.

He was always willing to help when necessary with advice and coaching.

I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from his coaching.

He knows what he is doing and he is clearly an expert on coaching.

John coached me the whole way through at each round of interviews.

He was always willing to take feedback and liked being coached.

Highly recommended and looking forward to more of his coaching.

I can tell you because he has coached me for over four years.

I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me.

John goes beyond that title though, as he also does catching.

John is an incredibly charismatic and inspiring agile coach who oozes agile.

One of the best agile coaches I've ever met, he embodies the spirit of agility.

I have had the privilege of being coached by him and know him to be an intuitive and astute coach.

I recommend him to other coaches-we all need reminders of what is like to be an exceptional coach.

If you have the opportunity to get coached by him or have him coach your team, don't miss out.

John coached us all through the session, which is no surprise as he is an expert coach.

He also is known as the coach of coaches and is viewed as an expert in the profession.

So, leaders and coaches, take one of his classes or sign on with him as your coach.

I would recommend him for interview coaching and particularly performance coaching.

I recommend him to any coach out there in any capacity that is looking for a coach.

John is the epitome of what coaching is all about and what a coach should be.

He cares about the people he coaches, what more could anyone ask of a coach.

John is the consummate professional in his role as the coach's coach.

John is the perfect example of why coaches employ coaches themselves.

John taught and coached me and my team how to coach more effectively.

John is coaching me to interpret dreams, he is also my dream coach.

He has been the most "sought after" coach on our team of coaches.

The way that he coached other coaches was a delight to behold.

He is an amazing coach of coaches who really "walks the walk".

John is an excellent coach who has inbuilt traits of coaching.

If that is not enough, there are also monthly coaching calls where you can get coaching from John.

When he first started getting into coaching, I was more than willing to have him help coach me.

He was the first coach that I had while we were both attending the coaching training.

I realized soon after our first coaching session that I had come to the right coach.

I've had the opportunity to get coached by John and he is an excellent coach.