Agile Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Agile Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

This required him to not only manage the project, but also execute the project himself.
During this time as project manager he leads many projects to success.
John is a very capable, hands on project manager and an agile guru.
He is tenacious when it comes to completing projects and is able to juggle numerous projects with an agility and precision.
John is passionate and extremely knowledgeable in agile and project management.
He has a knack for agile project management and stays very much in focus.
John was the stakeholder for the project and it was run under an agile methodology.
I'd have no hesitation recommending him on any agile tech project.
He knows and apply agile methodologies for successful projects.
He understands and applies well various project management methodologies, such as waterfall, agile, etc.
John has also gained a great proficiency in project management through agile methodologies.
John is like an agile library, he knows everything about agile.
His agility allows him to keep up with shifting project demands.
He's a detail oriented and an expert in agile project management techniques.
John is an excellent, thoughtful agile project manager with a gift for facilitation.
He is very knowledgeable with agile and Kanban, and also does whatever he can to help the project.
John has proven to be very flexible, and agile throughout the life of the project.
He is very effective in managing teams concurrently on several projects within the company and on external projects.
He is someone who is agile and always on toe to meet project objects.
John is a good project manager that does not use pressure on developers to finish their tasks that many other project managers use.
I am very impressed with his versatility when he deals with large agile projects.
Very focused and agile to overcome any difficulties in his and the project's way.
His agility and ability to handle multiple projects all at once is commendable.
He is the kind of guy you want on an agile project striving to succeed.
He was able to turn his views into insights and thus bring about significant changes, especially in the management of agile projects.
John is a flexible manager able to apply waterfall or agile methodologies given the needs of the project.
I see him as a dedicated and super-efficient project manager who knows the ins and outs of agile.
John is a true agile project manager who brings his agile experience from many different organizations to the table.
He is at home in complex and large transformation projects as well as precise and agile value enhancement projects.
He is able to make project management engaging and entertaining for those with no project management experience, or seasoned professionals.
He is proactive and knows how to deal with agile projects and stressful situation.
John's has an incredible ability to manage multiple projects and seemingly conflicting priorities with agility.
He manages projects and campaigns in an agile manner and identifies target audiences accurately.
We got great results from his projects and he helped introduce some agile methods to our traditional waterfall project environment.
His project management approach has led to well honed, credible delivery of projects, every time.
He would be an excellent agile coach, project manager, or facilities manager at any firm.
John is well versed in agile project management principles and helped drive the team's agile transformation.
You can say he is obsessed with agile, an agile enthusiast or evangelist.
Being a wonderful agile practitioner, he used to manage the project very well.
He tackles multiple complicated projects with an admirable agility and depth.
He has a clear understanding and realistic approach when applying agile techniques to project management.
John is an excellent scrum master who knows how to manage agile projects in a very pragmatic way.
He has simultaneously managed multiple projects and was the leader in pioneering agile environment.
John is an amazing project manager with extensive knowledge in agile practices.
In that time, he evolved to be one of the leading experts in agile project management.
He is well equipped with his knowledge base on project management and agile methodologies.
All projects that we have completed together have been of the best quality and he does whatever it takes the get the project done.
Being my project sponsor in quality improvement projects he held me to project milestone dates.
John is that rare thing: an exuberant project manager who not only truly understands agile, but lives and breathes it.
John is agile, flexible and always willing to try something new things.
He works relentlessly for achieving excellence and agility in his projects.
This knowledge allows him to be an agile manager and gives his projects a current a refreshing vision.
This project was his first job after graduation and he quickly learned the project and the requirements along with agile methodology that we use.
John balances managing overall project objectives with professionalism and organizational agility.
He has efficiently managed many projects and communicated effectively with the project team members, delivering projects to the highest standards.
His guidance during these projects was invaluable to me personally, and to the project as a whole, as the great success of the projects can demonstrate.
He doesn't know agility method because agility is an instinct for him.
He managed to set the agile standards in various companies, specifically ours and "infect" us all in the agile bug.
He looked at what we were facing on the project and used his agile expertise to recommend solutions.
John is a pragmatic and well organised project manager with a strong focus on project delivery.