Ambitious Performance Review Phrases Examples

Ambitious Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's also ambitious and knows exactly what he wants and what to do to get it.
our company, does what he says he will, even when the goals are ambitious.
John is someone very ambitious, but not only about his own career.
John is ambitious and is always looking for his next challenge.
John is ambitious and will get what he wants wherever he goes.
He is very ambitious and wants to do everything in our company.
John as being very ambitious, hardworking, and willing to help others when needed.
John is an ambitious professional who goes above and beyond with all of his projects.
He is ambitious and tends to make the things happen that he wants to make happen.
He has always been described as an ambitious go-getter by all his colleagues.
He's also quite ambitious and always looking to pitch in wherever possible.
And our company, but not the least - he is extremely ambitious and entrepreneurial.
He's ambitious and tries to do his best within circumstances given to him.
He knows what he wants and he knows how to achieve his ambitious goals.
He is motivated and ambitious and should do very well in the profession.
He is not only ambitious, but also knows how to deliver what is expected.
He is also ambitious and can take on even the most challenging projects.
But as you might not think of, he is deeply ambitious and competitive.
He has an ambitious drive to always want more, and always be the best.
He's really ambitious in all his undertakings and always outperforms.
John has always come across as an ambitious and determined person.
He is serious in his our company and ambitious always to better positions
John is an ambitious go-getter who doesn't take no for an answer.
He's ambitious and has the same aspirations for others to succeed.
John also was very ambitious, willing to learn and to take risks.
That's him - ambitious professional that cannot be overestimated.
John is very driven and ambitious, and will go far in his career.
He is focused and ambitious and that is sure to take him places.
He is right out of our company as well as ambitious and motivated.
He's made it possible for him to succeed with ambitious projects.
John is one of the most hardworking and ambitious individuals.
He is always professional, ambitious and up for any challenge.
He knows how to take on ambitious projects and see them through.
Meetings with him were always ambitious but always fun as well.
He is ambitious and is very committed towards his assignments.
As you can see he is very ambitious and a serious personality.
John wants to succeed in his career and is very ambitious.