Analysis Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Analysis Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is thorough in his analysis and presentation skills.

Hardworking with excellent analysis skills.

John understands that the value is not in the analysis itself, but in how organizations can use the analysis.

He is always willing to help, always considerate, always right in his analysis.

Moreover, he followed through with analysis to help us keep innovating.

He is thorough in his analysis and always gives his all for the client.

He is very thorough in his analysis and always responsive.

John is very thorough in his analysis and very responsive.

Thank you for your thorough assessment and analysis.

John's the best when it comes to color analysis.

Him analysis is always thorough and insightful.

Quantitative analysis is one of his strengths.

His analysis was always thorough and detailed.

He is thorough and forensic in his analysis.

The analysis given by him was so accurate.

Another one of his strengths is analysis.

John was perfect for this analysis.

Professional with first class analysis and detection skills.

John is skilled in requirements analysis and design.

His organization and analysis skills were impressive.

John has strong analysis and implementation skills.

He was very dedicated and had good analysis skills.

John has very good analysis and assessment skills.

He has great technical and analytical skills.

A want to accent on John`s analysis skills.

John is very thorough and always wants to provide the absolute best analysis.

Not only did he get the data, he also provided his insights and analysis.

His analysis may not always be the most popular, but it's usually right on.

John is thorough in his approach and comprehensive in his analysis.

I appreciate the way he does the root cause analysis for any issue.

He is very detail oriented and is very thorough with his analysis.

He is very thorough in his analysis and precise with his solution.

Because of these qualities, his analysis comes without judgement.

He is very systematic and thorough in his approach and analysis.

He is thorough with his analysis and resounding on methodology.

He is thorough in his analysis and thoughtful in his solutions.

I learnt that there could be analysis possible for everything.

All this, and he was our go-to expert for strategic analysis.

He provided thorough analysis and resolutions for all of them.

John is detailed oriented and thorough in his analysis.

John was very comprehensive in his research and analysis.

He has presented some of the best analysis for clients.

I have always found his market analysis to be insightful.

I particularly liked the video analysis of my website.

Analytical, but not plagued with "analysis paralysis".

His analysis of any situation was really appreciable.

Communicates analysis results clearly and concisely.

Very useful for competitor's insights and analysis.

Excellent abilities at cost/benefit/risk analysis.

John has proven his capabilities in the analysis.

He pushes the analysis far beyond everyone else.

His insights and analysis will truly be missed.

Their analysis was both comprehensive and deep.

He is systematic in his analysis and thorough.

He is perceptive and creative in his analysis.

His analysis was spot-on, useful and complete.

John is a wizard when it comes to analysis.

John's strength is in process and analysis.

His projection analysis was always on queue.

His analysis of the situation was immediate.