Analytical Performance Review Phrases Examples

Analytical Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very analytical in seeing what needs to be done and when it has to be finished.
He is always the one who is more analytical and would think out of the box.
He really knows about the value of analytics and how making it successful in many different industries.
John is very analytical in whatever he ensures the best outcome for his customers.
John is, beyond everything, curious, analytical, and he gives him all to him our company.
He is very analytical - he does not assume things that are said to him are correct.
He's someone who can think analytically and our company across many different departments.
John is extremely analytical and knows consumer analytics better than anyone.
John is excellent in the area of analytics, especially predictive analytics.
John is analytical, but knows when to end the analysis and begin to take action.
He is very analytical in his approach and very thorough in everything he does.
John always makes himself available to better any project tied to analytics.
Whatever you need done from analytics to automation he can make it happen.
He is very analytical and cerebral, but does not take himself too seriously.
He always comes up with new ideas and is quite analytical in his approach.
He understands analytics and the various needs of different departments.
He is very analytical, very thorough and makes excellent recommendations.
He is very analytical about his business, as if it was his own franchise.
He thinks analytically and made us (team members) to think analytically.
He is very thorough and analytical in the way he approaches projects.
John is one of the most thorough, analytical, and strategic thinkers.
John is one of the very first people that "schooled" him on analytics.
Also found him to be very analytical and knowledgeable in the guidelines
To say that he is brilliantly analytical would be an understatement.
Whatever he does, he delves deep into things and is very analytical.
John is our go to person for all things analytics and measurement.
John is one of the best analytic person, one can ever come across.
He is also very knowledgeable and analytic in his way of working.
He is analytical and always looking for ways to better processes.
John is not only collaborative, but he has an analytical mindset.
He is very analytical and was always prepared in any discussions.
People should our company with him for being he is smart and analytical.
Thus he is very analytical, entrepreneurial and forward thinking.
He is analytical, thorough and is very knowledgeable in his field.
John is the man if you need to know anything about web analytics.
John is the go-to person when it comes to our company analytics.
John is highly analytical and gets to the cause of the matter.
John is analytical and very detailed when it comes to metrics.
He is perceptive, analytical and is usually ahead of the crowd.
John is someone that understands both business and analytics.
He is the go-to person for all analytical needs of the company.
He is analytical & will always our company his way back from numbers.
He's exceptional and very analytical about the things he does.
He is very analytical and is passionate about his our company.