Analytical Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Analytical Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He posses good analytical skills and always want to understand the root-cause of an issue.

John will bring a valuable mix of creative and analytical skills to him next workplace.

He has amazing analytical skills and the ability to tackle any task.

John is a highly organized manager and a resourceful supervisor with the critical thinking and analytical skills to see through any challenges or obstacles.

John is a great listener with perfect analytical skills.

John also had excellent analytical skills as well as an ability to look at the whole picture in order to find the best solutions.

He has exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills.

John is a hands on, detail oriented senior manager who combines leadership with strong analytical skills.

John is a goal-oriented sales professional with very strong communication, planning, requirements management and analytical skills.

He statistical and analytical skills were used to greatly improve customer service and response times.

I am very, very impressed by his analytical skills, creative thinking, insights and great teamwork.

He displayed well developed planning and analytical skills, with an eye for details.

His memory, analytical skills and ability to learn new techniques professional and otherwise is excellent.

He is hard working and has excellent analytical skills.

His strong analytical skills enable him to quickly understand and adapt to business needs.

John possesses strong analytical skills and is great at troubleshooting issues.

John has strong analytical skills and is able to absorb and understand information or new concepts quickly, making him extremely versatile.

A remarkable asset is his combination of analytical skills with creativity.

John has very good analytical skills.

His interpersonal and analytical skills were a huge asset to our team.

John's intelligence, analytical skills and mentoring ability are all the right ingredients to be an effective leader.

John has great analytical skills and could manage issues well under stressful situations.

John is detailed-oriented manager with strong analytical skills.

The process is less painful because of John.

John is detailed, thorough and results oriented.

John is very detailed and a critical thinker.

John is very detailed and results driven.

The process, collaboration with him, and the results were exceptional.

In summary, John is a doer and a thinker.

John is very thorough and detail-oriented.

John is very detail-minded, which is a huge plus in any position.

John is results oriented and extremely efficient.

John is detail-oriented, quick to asses a process and make it more efficient.

John is a detail minded computer expert.

John was a very detail and results oriented manager.

John is always focused on the end result and leading everyone to it.

John was always patient throughout the coaching process.

John is a detail-oriented colleague, with a quick mind.

John is very detailed in everything he does.

John leads by example and encouragement.

John is one who leads through example.

In addition, he is always an all-around thinker.

John is a very bright star and thorough thinker.

John is very focused, detailed and result-oriented.

John was a very detailed and thorough colleague.

He is goal driven and detail oriented, his eagerness to teach me any new skill was always infectiously enthusiastic.

We worked together on various projects and I was always impressed with his operational skills as well as his in-depth market knowledge.

His ability to see the "big picture" and his pro-active nature were most refreshing - helping us to bridge interdepartmental divides to come up with innovative structures and strategies for the benefit of clients and the company as a whole.

His skills include business etiquette, networking and the essential soft skills needed to build relationships in business.

This is a testament to John's relationships with his clients, knowledge and strong marketing skills.

I worked with John on different projects and I would like to recommend him as a very dedicated person with high professional communication skills who can translate the customer needs.

He combines this with a passion for delivering value to the customer and continually improving his knowledge and skills.

A highly detailed, intuitive person who applies process to all he does, John has always sought the best outcomes for others.

John has a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals along with the skills and knowledge to help get them there.

John's strong leadership skills, vast knowledge, focus and discipline along with an amazing personality was a great mix of our operations.

He's got a basket of skills, but his ability to plan and execute projects across the very wide number of groups necessary in an organization.

I got the privilege to spend some time with John in his class, where he kindly gave up his own time each week and gave us a chance to learn how to code for free.

In working with John, I have observed first hand his professionalism, exceptional people and communication skills.

John would be a valuable asset on any team of exceptional and diverse skills where collaboration can be fostered by his direction.

He focused on quality deliverables, fostered the development of our analysis and leadership skills, and encouraged teamwork.