Animal Care Technician Performance Review Phrases Examples

Animal Care Technician Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He truly cares for the well being of the animals as well as those individuals we come in contact with.
He understands animation and uses that to his and the animators advantage.
John is an awesome animator, and has great ideas for animation.
John is passionate about animals - all animals, not just his own.
John is an animator very meticulous and careful for fine details.
John has a true compassion for animals, and for that reason alone, he would care for any animal with true heart and warmth.
Him stables and riding ring are very well cared for as are the horses and other animals there.
John really cares about animals and really helps make us feel more comfortable whenever we come in.
Adding his passion for animals of all kinds would make for a very powerful force in the world of animal care and rescue.
John came to our attention as an available animator, and we tossed the broken animations him way.
John, along with our terrific animator, and me, did just that this year.
Since animation is his expertise, we also know that all he says is godly.
His desire to better himself as an animator can not be overlooked.
I have always been impressed with his understanding of animation.
John will be a great addition to any team and furthermore, he truly cares about the well being of animals.
His profession as a vet, his passion for the care of animals certainly reflects his posts.
John is a great animator - and he can draw, which is actually becoming more rare among the new folks getting into animation.
John is an extremely gifted animator who brings out the character and grace in all things that he animates.
He excels at all forms of animation, but he really shines when animating comedic characters.
John and his team have cared for my animals in both good and bad times.
John is no procrastinator, far from it; but animation being the way it is, sometimes things happen.
He always strives to get the absolute best out of each animator, for every shot.
John is well versed in his use of makeup as well as keyframe animation.
He's very responsible and knows the animation pipeline inside out.
I whole heatedly can recommend him to anyone seeking an animator.
The lovely and cute animation which he does are really amazing.
He really opened my eyes when it comes to character animation.
His work ethic and dedication to the animal care are superior and kind.