Application Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Application Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The applications he developed look and feel like something you want to use every day.
John is always willing to continue to improve the applications he has developed.
He also pioneered the development of the company's first applications.
The application he developed is still in use today at the our company.
John's understanding of development environments allows him to develop easy to use applications always thinking on how to make simple yet smart applications.
John came to his team to help develop several new applications.
His background as an application developer has made his strength in application coding and optimization.
He developed good quality application and we suggest him to anyone that wants him as a developer.
He took the time to help him understand the applications we were developing and how they were being used.
His involvement with so many cases allows him to convey examples for his development that are applicable.
The manager, he was able to guide the development of all of applications under him to the same standards.
John's expertise, however extends far beyond the front end and back end of application development.
John led the way in helping the developers see how we could make our application better.
He always tries to maintain the standards and rules in application development.
He is very willing to develop unique cabinets for speciality applications.
His role was critical to the success of the application being developed.
The number of applications developed under his supervision is countless.
He never hesitates to roll up the sleeves and develop the application.
John knows what it takes to develop mission critical applications.
Thejus was responsible for developing two major applications for the our company.
He could develop applications well beyond the norm with customers.
Him documentation for the web development of any applications makes it easy for him to track the history of the application developed.
He takes the time to make sure applications are developed properly and stays with standards as he develops code.
He didn't just develop the application, but also refactored code for this app.
He led all back-end application development, and did so very effectively.
They depended on him to develop solutions to their application needs.
He provided leadership in developing organizational conduits between architectural roles and application development roles.
Following his takeover, new life has been breathed into one of the best application development toolkits available.
The applications we developed with his help, we're extremely successful and popular with the end users.
He provided great input and feedback as we iterated through the development of the application.
John's depth of expertise in the application development arena is only one of his strengths.
He would comfortably resolve any issues between different streams of application development.
He scans the horizon for new development and its applications in his current organization.
He quickly identified many issues with the applications back to the developing vendor.
This capability gives him unique insight into the application development challenges.
John's success is evident in the amazing, easy to use applications that he develops.
His passion for developing applications was evident in some of the talks he gave.
John develop various application types very fast and methodical at the same time.
His understanding of application development methodology places him in the top.
John's infrastructure became the basis for all future application development.
He developed many applications including proof of concepts for new features.
His experience in application architecture and development is admirable.
He brought respect and credibility to the application development group.
John excels at developing user-friendly application interfaces.
John's our company assets are complemented by his understanding of application development.
He developed applications for scientists, which they are using to till date.
John knows everything about developer relationships and application signing.
He makes a conscious effort to consider the end user when developing applications so that the application is very user-friendly.
Not only does he deliver a well developed application; but an application with the user journey and experience in mind.
At the time, the application that his team was developed was new and had not been done before.
He made our application look fantastic and implemented standards for us to use as developers.
John strived to understand the applications for which he was developing documentation.
He knows every technical development and he sees every possible application.
Manager for the speech platform on which his group developed voice applications.
John develop these applications very quickly in an iterative agile approach.
John excels in rapid prototyping and development of Windows applications.
John has developed many applications he worked on in the last few years successfully.
John introduced him to application development very early in his career.
The application code he developed was always of high quality and he was excellent in the multi-tasking role of an application developer
He is thoughtful about the content of applications he develops and about strategies that will make applications more competitive
He also is very concerned not only in the present, but in the evolution of the applications he developed and the applications connected to those, always looking further.
He developed the solution for this application that was central to a number of significant applications being developed for our company.
John made several recommendations for improving the workflow and functionality of the applications being developed.
As a developer, he gets that an application needs to look good as well as function effectively.
He also has the ability to see the "big picture" behind distributed application development.
He considers all aspects of the situation and develops solutions that are applicable.
He quickly developed some key functionality to enhance the application.
His focus on application development with more user friendly approach.
He is constantly exploring new techniques and developing new applications in his own time, ensuring he's always up-to-speed, and experienced with the latest developments.
His firm grasp of back-end development is coupled with his ability to develop visually appealing websites and applications.
He is exceptionally good at what he does and developed applications that are still in daily use so many years later.
Under his supervision, we have developed breakthrough internet applications years ahead of the competition.
John provided critical guidance and insight when we were developing the future application roadmaps.
He often provided insights on the application we were developing and was quick to point bugs he found.
John understands the holistic picture regarding application development and gets the big picture.
His knack for application development was immediately beneficial upon joining our organization.
The applications developed by him are fully satisfactory covering all the user aspects.
John hired him last year to take on a challenging application development role.
During that time he developed a number of core and peripheral applications.
He formed strategic alliances with third party application developers.
The our company is in essence, finding holes in a developer's application.
We conceived a number of applications that are now being developed and incubated at our company.
Right from the start no one would have known he was reasonably new to our application and our organization.
John explained everything to us and made the applications easily
Trying to come up with the correct items for his application.
John observes better than anyone the development potential for applications of this new technology.
As a developer, he understands technology and its application.
He develops scalable applications using the latest technology.
A most creative and dependable individual, he can develop both on the front and the back end of applications.
He developed many custom applications that are still heavily relied upon in his absence.
He came in and developed the application landscape and hit the ground running.
Technically, he is well-versed in the application we developed and so he guided the whole team properly.
His determination to develop native applications makes him an asset to any team.
His feedback was immeasurable and very applicable to his coach development.
His deep knowledge in application development allows him to easily talk with his employees about the development issues they are facing.
John worked as a developer, and made a large portion of an application tailored for developers within our company.
And if you would try to go a little deeper, you would know that he has actually developed some or the other code or application in 'whatever' you are asking.
The first thing that left an impression on him was that he had a passion for the usability of the application that we were developing.
John's understanding of and work with the world of application development is amazing.
John worked with us as a contractor, developing the front end of our application.
His knowledge of website development and adobe applications is second to none.
He did contribute a lot in terms of new applications and people development.
He also led and developed a new application to track competitors prices.
John' development background and understanding of applications made him an invaluable developer and team player with out team.
His application of these abilities made the development process much easier for us all.
John helped make the application development process understandable, and accessible.
He developed several applications for him on different projects and for different clients.
Back this with his extensive application development and delivery capability and you have a powerhouse.
He took responsibility for may aspects of our application, our development servers, and our pipeline.
He sifts through the details and develops applicable and attainable strategies.
He also developed online application forms for grants and scholarships.