Application Development Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Application Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent developer and excels in systems and application development.
John realizes that being a manager means managing the development of the project and developing the people you're managing.
John has facilitated the development of managers and others across a very diverse range of global locations that encompass the developed and developing world.
He had previously managed our application development efforts in our post-startup phase.
He did this while managing the enhancements/extensions to the existing application.
Additionally, he was excellent at managing and developing his employees.
He is a very knowledgeable developer and can develop great and reliable applications.
His value, dedication and leadership surpassed that of any development manager.
John is a very diligent, conscientious, developer and manager.
His responsibilities included programming/project managing internal application development.
He is very comfortable managing applications from initiation all the way through to retirement.
John is one of the pioneers in the applicant tracking/talent management universe.
John was willing to let those he managed to grow and develop with guidance and confidence.
As my line manager, he had always done his best to make me develop in my role.
He is an involved manager who focuses on the development of his employees.
He is an exceptionally competent manager, developer, and troubleshooter.
He was responsible for managing the development of mobile applications from concept through deployment.
John is a seasoned application manager with deep experience developing and leading application development teams.
John's professionalism and application make managing change and development easier.
He was committed to developing my skills and development by constant feedback and also challenged my ideas about management development.
I am very impressed by his way of managing and leading the development of such important applications.
John was the project manager for the development of our online application.
He doesn't waste time of either hiring managers or applicants.
John was always willing to listen and help develop new ideas and manage problems effectively.
John has developed exceptionally well as an emerging entrepreneur and manager.
He is both experienced and knowledgeable in application development methodologies.
He has also managed to make much of his code re-used for multiple applications.
He has the ability to remove "management-ESE" and focus on useful and applicable management principles.
John is very well rounded with application development, and project/program management skills.
He can manage any size application development group for developing such database systems.
Describing him as a developer is just one part - but the best thing about him is being a manager.
He has an excellent understanding of performance management and development.
He kept oversight of all aspects of the application and made sure my application went into the right direction.
He is competent to maintain and manage applications of current and developing technologies.
I was always impressed with how thoroughly he understood application environments and the tools needed to manage and develop on them.
John's unique management style are internationally applicable and recognized.
Him ability to match an applicant with the right hiring manager is invaluable.
He is very tech savvy and can manage complex applications with ease.
As a manager, he tried to develop his employees and push them to be their best.
As a manager, he's always there to listen, challenge and drive development.
He was also very effective in talent selection and management development.
As a manager, he doesn't set impossible tasks for the developers.
He takes the time to mentor others and develop those he manages.
John is a good development manager with a solid understanding of the application and architecture.
He is committed to the adequate functioning of the applications he manages.
Either as a developer or project manager, he brings a very unique and positive perspective to developing new applications.
He develops plans that are manageable and can carry them out.
He managed his staff of developers as they maintained the applications and the on-boarding's of new clients.
John comes from a strong development background himself so he's a very capable manager of developers and testers.
Secondly, he manages according to the individual - closely if required, more hands off if applicable.
He is great at managing the interaction between clients and developers.
During this time he helped me develop my career into management.
He standardized the application management and infrastructure components for reuse across various applications and more importantly, make them usable for companywide application suites.
John is an extremely dedicated manager who is driven to get results and develop those around him.
He seemed comfortable talking with upper management as well as the developers in his group.
His role was to develop and manage the website, which he built from scratch using Drupal.
He has the patience of a saint when dealing with recalcitrant development managers.
He's a brilliant manager and developer, and sets an excellent example to follow.
John has developed strong partnerships with a broad range of managers.
He can manage large groups of developers both on-site and off-site.