Architectural Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Architectural Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was an outstanding architectural designer and theorist, clearly visible in his design portfolio and dissertation.
It was clear he's done the homework on his architectural design and the prototype.
He strives for the best long-term architectures in his designs.
He was responsible for designing the application architecture.
His solutions are well thought-through and his architectural designs are thorough.
He was instrumental in various architectural designs and solutions.
John follows the our company architectural philosophy around code design.
He has an exceptional grasp of robust architecture and design concepts.
His ability to adapt to existing design and architecture is excellent.
He never shies from getting directly involved, be it in designing the architecture or during implementation.
His architectural designs are cutting edge and innovative - unlike anything else of its kind.
The architecture and design of these complex applications would not have been what is without his collaboration.
He is passionate about design and architecture which he brings into his work.
John works with to make my villa layout and architectural design.
He is excellent at choosing colors and keeps the fan Shui design principles in him furniture selections and architectural design.
John focuses on getting things done, usually contributing greatly to the design and architecture of solutions.
He spots problems with architectures and designs that other people miss.
He also provided much needed guidance on architecture and design to the entire organization.
He's thorough and accurate in his assessments of architecture, design and level of effort.
John is always approachable for any kind of help related to design and architecture.
Besides, he has a great feeling for design and architecture and is a cosmopolitan.
He is architecturally obsessed and it shows in his wonderfully designed levels.
He's a great architectural designer and adds enthusiasm to our company.
He'd been deeply involved in architecture design and code review.
John took us all the way from architecture through design and on to development.
John is passionate about architecture, design, and always seeking for better maintainability and performance.
Even if one was to stay in interior design, exterior design, or simply architecture, his lecture had something for everyone to sit back and say, ah.
He is very client oriented, understands the requirements, and always comes with the right architecture design.
His architectural design was elegant and well thought through, and superbly implemented.
He has a wonderful sense of beauty, design, and architecture in his photographs.
He was integral in the design and formation of several of buzzards architecture, those which is still in use today.
Having a strong architecture and design knowledge we always use to look forward to his opinions and suggestions.
He also participated in the design by defining the system architecture.
He is delivery focused but does so with attention to the necessary considerations for architecture and design.
His understanding of key architectural concepts and design methodologies was outstanding.
John is a detailed designer and understands lighting is architecture.
He understands the value of architectural design and the standards of best practice and has helped build complex designs.
He excels at planning, designing, and realizing complex architectures.
He is well known as someone who can answer the tough questions related to architecture and design.
John's designs and approaches to software architecture have always been solid.
He has natural wisdom about the software design and architecture.
He is full of knowledge, architecture design sense and most of all is patience.
This allows him to design an architecture without glossing over the small but important details.
He is often considered the go-to person for design needs and for any architectural decisions.
John taught me more than information architecture and interaction design.
John's a strong artist, especially in terms of architectural design.
He was a key player in requirements analysis, architecture and design.
He designed state of the art architecture for the application.
He's very good in programming and algorithm, as well as designing complex architectures.
John has made many other design and site architecture suggestions which we have successfully integrated into the site.
He also has a good work ethic and understanding of architectural design.
He then had to design an architecture that would address both areas.
Plus, the hosted architecture he designed is very impressive.
In most of the situations, he has provided innovative architectural designs quickly.
He designed the architecture for scalability, robustness and maintainability.
John led the envisioning phase and designed the architecture.
He provided architecture, designed and delivered them on time and on budget.
He just not only understood the architecture conceived / designed by him, but also delivered up to those expectations.
He impressed everyone with his scalable and optimal architectural design capabilities.
His questions helped him more than once to improve his design and architecture choices.
Moreover, infrastructure architecture designs created by him were excellent.
He brings in evidence based approach to his design and architecture.
He is able to expediently absorb and design complex architectures.
His attention to the details of architectural design is amazing.
He can design complex architecture, and debug tough problems.
You can be certain that regulatory requirements, architecture requirements, and design requirements are fully satisfied with the design he authors.
He made sure the team understood and bought-in to the overall architecture and design.
Years on, the architecture he designed for the our company implementation is still in use.
He has demonstrated great aptitude at ground-up design and architecture.
His knowledge and visibility in design architecture is fabulous.
John has extensive experience in data design and architecture.
John's ability to translate design into architectural form is a unique asset that any design firm would appreciate.
His design contributions are everywhere from micro service architecture to designing proper our company for the app.
John came to our design studio with very little environmental graphic design or architectural experience.
In terms of architecture, his solutions were always well designed whilst being as simple as reasonably possible.
Take any problem in term of design, architecture, etc. to him, there will be an appropriate solution for it.
He also shaped himself well in architecturing, solution design and pre sales roles.
His level in understanding the design principles allows to involve him in the architecture discussions.
He stands out because of his persistence, determination, and passion for interior architecture design.
You can tell he really loves what he does and has a keen eye for design, architecture and beauty.
His passion for design and architecture is matched by his dedication and determination to succeed.
He great with front end design, but has a very solid understanding of back end architecture.
His aptitude for challenging the norm has led to many architecture and design improvements.
Difficult architectural design reviews were often improved by his keen sense of humor.
He often spots architectural design flaws and potential bugs before anyone else.
At that time he designed new services and scoped their architecture.
His architectural analysis of software designs is very trustworthy.
He re-designed several pieces of their core architecture - not just to meet our needs - but to improve it for everyone.
And still, he can design an architecture with you on the whiteboard or sit down and hack some code with you.
John's attention to detail was excellent not only in coding, but also in architecture and design.
He creates code with a well designed architecture and is not afraid to take on new challenges
John has a keen sense of design and architecture as well as being an excellent coder.
He quickly became the go-to expert in the matters our company architecture, design, and configuration.
He learned the functional needs very quickly and came back with solid architecture and designs.
He is an expert in data architecture and design, and is strongly recommended.
During the design process, he often gave useful design feedback, especially from the information architecture point of view, which at the end resulting in stronger design deliverables.
John got involved with every aspect of the website, from its architecture and design to its content.
His experience in the architecture and design sector allows him to match the right candidates with the ideal roles/organisations.
Working with him gives you a lot of confidence that the architecture and design has been well thought through to the last detail.
He's also very open to other's opinions and will take them into consideration when making any architectural or design decisions.
John wears his passion for design on his sleeve, and is clearly inspired by patterns and architecture everywhere we go.
He can quickly point out potential issues and often has ideas to improve overall architectural designs.
His architectural concepts and designs are brilliant and have been featured in many a glossy magazine.
His futuristic architectural designs brought the environments to life and added panache.
His architecture and design decisions are still valid more than a decade later.
John's architecture and design innovations helped to make a world class chip.
His grasp of software architecture and design principles is second to none.
More importantly, he understands the design principals of modular and flexible architecture.