Architectural Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Architectural Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He asked tough questions while doing an architecture review of the project to make sure that the project remains on track.
John has made architectural models for some of my firm's projects.
His understanding of a project's architecture is always deep.
I would definitely recommend him and wish him well as he progresses into architecture management.
His analytical capabilities are strong in the solution architecture and project management.
I would welcome his forthright and clear architectural contribution on any future project.
I admire the enthusiasm he brings to all his projects and his love of architecture.
He took ownership of new re-architecture project in the merchant invading space.
I would highly recommend him for architectural opportunities in complex projects.
John responsibilities ranged from project management to product management to solution architecture.
John is an affable program manager who manages many projects at the same time.
His expert guidance on the platform architecture was what made this project successful.
He's an outstanding project manager who is able to navigate at the enterprise architecture level.
John is an experienced manager capable of providing architectural direction, project management and program management in any environment.
I relied on his advice in every step of the project from architecture to deployment.
He is very knowledgeable about architecture and architecture principals/patterns.
I was sure, he will complete the task, in time and with consideration of the overall architecture of the project.
You can leave projects in his hands and know they will be done on time and with good architecture.
I often told him that he might consider an architecture career instead of management.
He helped to lay out the framework and architecture as much as possible given the constraints imposed on the project.
On numerous occasions, he has provided me with his architectural insights which proved invaluable on my projects.
He had many great architectural ideas for our project, which proved highly successful.
John helped with the project architecture and related issues.
He is very detail oriented project manager and executed many complex projects.
He has the ability to see/design the details as well as the overall architecture in a project.
We asked him to to review our architectural strategy as well as the overall viability of project.
John will definitely bring innovation and architectural success to any project in any company.
His architectural photographs bring a unique vision to the project.
He has managed and administered the components of the mail architecture.
He knows how to get work done & brings strong architectural perspectives to projects.
The project was quite complex and he contributed a lot in designing and architecture of the project.
John was a good partner in brainstorming and understanding our project architecture.
His efforts blossomed into one of the most pioneering and critical re-architecture projects at our company.
John is a great project manager and has a thorough understanding of core server architecture.
John is an extremely talented architectural designer and project manager.
John is a thorough and diligent project manager, as well as being a top rate musician.
John can take on a project at any point in the project process and complete it with success.
He has the ability to foresee where projects are today and create for where they need to be from architecture to the end-user.
He did this by doing several demonstrations and design, architecture deep dives with the various architects/managers involved in the project as well as architects/managers of projects that we're looking to use the new platform this project
I have seen him facilitate workshops about upcoming projects and their impacts on the platform architecture going forward.
Given my focus on project delivery him attention to detail has always been vital, as has his own close management of projects.
John truly understands that projects not only require attention to detail and superior project management, but a genuine commitment to relationship management.
He is a calm and patient project manager who is always willing to help if needed.