Art Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Art Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

This is very unique value of him as an art director and mentor.
It definitely made his job as an art director goes much more smoothly.
John is the energizer bunny of art directors, he just keeps going and going.
John is deserving of the highest accolades as an art director.
He's a fantastic copywriter, a better art director than most art directors and annoyingly good strategically.
As an art director, he always pointed him in the right direction and was very encouraging.
As an art director, his feedback always comes across as motivating and uplifting.
His expertise as an art director was always demonstrated in the end result.
And him art director partners, from now on, will be eternally grateful.
He is a truly gifted director, particularly in art direction.
He is his art director, partner in our company in our company.
John has shown his mettle after being promoted to art director.
He also went above and beyond the call of duty as an art director by contributing concept art himself if there was ever a need.
He is always so willing to jump in and help his fellow art directors no matter what he already had on his own plate.
But what really makes him stand out is his ability to guide you and make you a better art director.
John is able to take the art director's vision and does all he can bring it to life.
Constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, he is every art director's dream.
He's a challenging art director that focuses on getting the best out of all of us.
And as an art director, he always strives to bring something fresh to the table.
Not just an art director, he has tons of other awesome hidden abilities.
John's photography is stunning - an art director's dream vendor.
We immediately hit it off and he became his "go to" art director.
Before the art of bartending and mixology was even an 'art', he has been there, he has done it all.
He once said that art isn't anything, that you need to make something that has an impact.
John comes across as somebody who knows the art of getting things done.
John also knows when to push and when to allow, which is an art.
Since then he has grown further and has gone from lead to art director.
To him, placement is an art, and he knows this art quite well.
John is his first art director-partner and he made his transition into that world wonderful.
He's definitely on his short list of the best art directors and partners of all time.
He's an art director by trade, but has it all when it comes to thinking and doing.
Bean and regard him as one of the best big idea art directors in the department.
Additionally, his art directors truly enjoy working alongside him.
John is the hardest-working art director you will ever employ.
John worked with him as our art director, eventually earning the position of creative director.
John gets his five stars as a director that knows how to blend art and science.
Attention to detail is one of his traits and one that is far too rare in art directors these days.
As a fellow photographer and art director, he went above and beyond what was expected of him.
There is not an ounce of ego that impedes on his role as art director, which is rare.
He quickly evolved into an art director then taking on a more supervisory role.
He quickly became one of his top art directors who was also able to guide others.
An award winning art director, he would be an asset to anyone's masthead.
He would be a great art director and valuable employee for any company.
It was a pleasure to be an art director on titles that he edited.
He shapes the world in which art directors can explore visually.
John is not only a good friend, he is a terrific art director.
John is/was always our go-to art director to call when we needed extra help at our company.
Our company is a great guy, John is an even greater art director.
And his art style is certainly worth admiring, just ask him for some of his fan art.
John's addition to him husband's photography art is another art unto itself.
He clearly possesses the art of getting things done the way they should be.
He doesn't just know how to create art; he knows how making money.
John ago, he went past just layering and has turned it into an art.
John gets it when it comes to the art of prospecting and connecting.
John understands the art of the possible and makes things happen.
His art of getting things done from his employees is exceptional.
He knows his profession, his art and how to make things happen.
While not in his area of focus, he's also a solid art director.
He would prove to be the best addition a team could make for an art director.
And he is a dream to team with from an art director's perspective.
His collaborative nature brings out the best in the copywriters and art directors around him.
As an art director, he gives feedback that is very prescience and always improves the work.
John's role kept evolving from running the studio to becoming an art director himself.
John worked as the art director on a shoot with him and it couldn't have gone better.
Most of all he is a rigorous conceptual thinker and works well with art directors.
His fantastic ability to get along with people made him a fantastic art director.
As an art director, he's so easy to work with that the ideas come out naturally.
John is a very easy to get along with art director to work for.
John basically filled the roles of art director, editorial director, content creator and everything in between.
Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it and demonstrates what is possible.
He knows who he is presenting to and he makes it an art form.
John is a tenacious art director who never rests until he gets the job done and gets it done right.
If you are looking for the best art director in the industry, he is the one.
And he makes the copywriters and art directors who conceive the work look great.
All you need to do is look at his portfolio and you'll see almost living art.
He knows how to appreciate and make others learn the art of appreciation.
He knows his science, but he also is very conversant with the arts.
Offering his opinions on everything from art to functionality.
He takes an art director's lead well, thinks in conjunction with art directors well, or inserts him ideas and leadership wherever it's helpful.
The way he has navigated the insurmountable minefield of demands as an art director has been nothing short of miraculous.
Not only does he understand photography, but he made a smooth transition to an art director position.
It also helps that he's a pop culture lexicon, which is a must have for any art director.
John is a tremendous art director who honestly and whole-heartedly loves what he does.
He gave a great deal of latitude and was always very supportive as an art director.
As an art director, he brings a global vision and thought to his craft.
John is stern, full of conviction, vision driven art director.
He breathes it, he lives it, his passion for art and all that surrounds art is outstanding.
With his studio and art director background, he is the ultimate package.
He always let him know in advance any of his art needs, and we ended up with almost no bottlenecks.
The art he creates comes from his heart and everything he does, he does with passion.
Working with him makes him improve himself constantly and try different meaning of art.
Capturing that natural, positive expression on anyone, especially him, is an art.
That's an art, and one he excels at because he knows his subject inside and out.
John knows very well the art of recognizing what really rocks and what doesn't.
He seems to be passionate about everything he does, especially music and art.
As if all that wasn't enough, we haven't begun to talk about his art abilities.
John went above and beyond all expectations for the cover art he did for us.
His art is an extension of who he is and of what he shares with the world.
It is truly an art, the way he connects with every individual in the room.
John has made getting recognised as an authority figure down to an art.
It was so cool to see all the great things he was able to do with his art.
Check out his website and you will see all the beautiful art he creates.
Focused on learning and understanding all he can about the culinary arts.
What he does not know about the arts and culture is not worth knowing.
He knows the art of simplifying the concepts for better understanding.
His love has always been the arts in both photography and retouching.
He provided labels for all the art and an appraisal for each piece.
He grasps feasibility and the art of the possible in the same sentence.
Him sketches looked like something you might see in an art gallery.
He definitely comes highly recommended in all aspects of the arts.
Anyone interested in photography can see the brilliance of his art.
John's photography is beautiful and the man really knows his art.
He's so passionate about his art and what he creates is stunning.
He understands how it is possible for art and commerce to coexist.
And he turns them into art, things to be revered and celebrated.
John is passionate about what he does and loves all art forms.
It is not just an idea for him, it is an art, and a way of life.
John is one of those individuals that lives and breathes art.
He makes the art of fencing something both traditional and fun.
He's passionate and believes strongly in the value of his art.
Perhaps most importantly, he truly loves and values the arts.
The art of picking up where he has left off is never an issue.
The best part is, that he has the art of getting one at peace.
It's impossible to look at his art in motion without smiling.
John is always very flexible and responsive to his artistic needs.
His enjoyment of his art is so obvious that it is contagious.
Our company John has got this in his our company, both the art, and the joy.
It's no wonder he made the transition to art director to give himself more ways to express his creativity.
John's experience and talent as a cameraman makes him an art director without equal.
Nando is an amazing art director, however, his creative capability is beyond visual.
He's a very talented art director and always comes up with highly conceptual ideas.
He acted as the main art director for boutiques during weeks when the lead art director was out of office.
As an art director, he is extremely organized and makes sure everyone on his team is on top with deadlines.
He's the best of anything you could want in a senior art director/creative director type.