Articulate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Articulate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows exactly what he wants and how to articulate that and it is always right on the money.
He is very articulate and gets his brief across very well and without any misinterpretation.
He always seems to know what he Prospec's needs are even before they are articulated.
He could clearly articulate where we were going and how we were going to get there.
Also, our company, but not the least he is one of those few who can articulate well.
He also articulates with those above him what needs to be done to succeed.
He is very articulate and tends to make those around him comfortable.
He goes above and beyond while being very patient and articulate.
People listen to what he has to say because he is very articulate.
He was, at the very least, the most articulate and most thorough.
Smart, articulate and very thorough, he is always well prepared.
John articulates, thorough, and seemed to be ever the optimist.
John is so articulate and always knows the right thing to say.
Understands his our company very well and is very articulate.
John is always willing to help others and was one of the best and most articulate presenters during the training.
He is one of the few people that not only gets it, but can do it and can articulate it too, which is very rare.
He knows what needs to be done and gets it done in an articulate and professional way every our company.
He's articulate and knows how to get things done in the most challenging of environments.
If he doesn't agree with something he will clearly articulate why and for what reasons.
John is very articulate and each brief has always been provided with extreme clarity.
He is very affable, articulate and always willing to help others without self interest.
He is very intelligent, knows what he's looking for, and articulates him needs well.
He is very articulate in what his expectations are for others as well as himself.
He knows his company's needs inside and out and very clearly articulates them.
He clearly articulated to him the needs of every job and then he let him do it.
He is patient and very articulate and will go out of his way to help others.
Gets along with everyone very well and articulates his requirements clearly.
John comes across as very articulate as well as passionate about his our company.
He is very articulate, presentable and someone you would want on your team.
Intelligent and articulate, he will always add value to your organisation.
John is able to articulate himself very well and is very professional.
He's the one who can articulate very well the issues others are thinking.
John is thorough and articulate when it comes to managing his pipeline.
Furthermore, he can clearly articulate his needs or business challenges.
John doesn't articulate anything he hasn't done or actioned himself.
He has always been exuberant, articulate, and thorough with his group.
He articulates opportunities that, often, others haven't yet explored.
John clearly articulates his needs and provides meaningful feedback.
He could clearly articulate our value prop and was always successful.
John is not only passionate and articulate, but very well informed.
He is articulate in his hiring needs and thorough in his selection.
John always articulated clearly the expectations he had for his team.
He can connect with former and articulate the later like no others.
He knows his business very well and can articulate it beautifully.
John is also one of the most articulate people you will ever meet.
He is articulate, always straight forward and right to the point.
John is very articulate, professional and well-liked by his peers.
His ability to see and articulate what few see is beyond compare.
John will help you figure out and articulate what you know best.
John is very articulate in the practical use of the information.
He articulates very well and always looks at the bigger picture.
But it was the way they were articulated that impressed him most.
John is an intelligent, articulate and forward looking leader.
He is an expert when it comes to articulation and presentation.
He is thorough, plans well & articulates himself very clearly.
He is articulate and can bring out the best in those he taught.
He is able to clearly articulate the needs of his organization.
John is always positive and articulate with thoughts/feedback.
Intelligent, articulate, prepared; he was all of these things.
He is knowledgeable and articulate without being condescending.