Assessment Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assessment Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He was excellent at assessing my skills and having the accordingly appropriate expectations.

He also filled out a skills assessment feedback form so he could see how he could best help himself, .

He is always assessing himself to see what he could have done better.

The first step that he did was to have me take an assessment.

He also really knows the value of assessing talent and matching opportunities with skills.

John is self-aware - skilled at objectively assessing his own strengths and weaknesses.

He was able to assess my skills and match them to the needs of his clients.

His assessment of your skills and suggestions for improvement is right on track.

John has the evaluator skills necessary to assess, as well as come up with solutions to fix any situation.

He was meticulous in assessing my skills to identify an opportunity that became my top prospect.

I think one of his strongest skill sets is his ability to assess the candidates for the role.

His assessment skills and willing to consistently go the extra mile was enormously helpful.

John's quick response and skills confirmed my assessment of his character and ability.

John is straightforward and able to accurately assess where there is a skills match.

He accurately assessed my skills and placed me in a role that suited me perfectly.

John will tell you exactly how he sees it and he usually spot on with his assessments.

He assessed my needs and, eight years later, we still have the same copier.

John gets the need for metrics and appreciates the value of assessments.

John was extremely thorough in his assessments of various issues.

I was particularly impressed by his assessment of the situation.

Ask him for an assessment of how he would resolve your needs.

John knows who he is, what he wants, and how to assess a challenge.