Assistant Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of those account executives that everyone wishes they had on their team.
John was great in assisting the organization in penetrating new accounts.
As an executive assistant, he anticipated and solved problems even before they became needs.
He is consistently sought out for his insight, advice and execution assistance.
John is a collaborative executive, unselfishly willing to assist teammates.
I would do anything to have his assistance again as the account has doubled in size and him expertise would truly be welcomed.
I highly recommend him if you need assistance with complex accounting problems.
John has proven to be an excellent account executive for me and my team.
He is reliable to execute any assignments on time, accurately and without assistance.
His willingness to listen, assist and execute in all facets for grow and profit.
John is an account executive who always went above and beyond to get business done.
He stays accountable for his tasks and assists other with ideas and tasks.
John is the account executive for my organization and problem go-to guy for all of his team.
Additionally, he hired an entirely new account executive team during that time period.
He has assisted me in building up our presence inside several key accounts.
John was an incredibly organized, capable and dependable executive assistant who clearly reduced executive stress levels.
When he does something, he always wants to do it well and you can be assured that it is well-executed.
John is an excellent executive assistant who shares his ideas and is also receptive to those of others.
He was one of the top account executives on my team and respected by all his peers.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to other employers and executives looking for career assistance.
John is accountable, responsible, and demands preparation and execution from himself as well as his team.
He was always available when we needed assistance and the first to reach out with new ways to grow our account so we could stay ahead of the competition.
I am very confident when bringing him into my reseller accounts, or needed his assistance in something, he is right on top of it.
John has assisted me with my account and cleared matters that were previously unresolved with efficiency and graciousness.
He is great account executive and a great service delivery executive.
I would recommend him to anyone team looking for a savvy and optimistic account executive.
John is a great team player and a very accountable executive.
John is a very professional, diligent and precise executive assistant.
John helped me recruit a new executive assistant, which is his specialty.
John together with him team took my brief and executed it to perfection.
He has your best interests at heart & will assist you to execute on the plans you create for yourself.
John was of great assistance to me in finding the right person for an accounting role.
His leadership and expertise were used often in merger transactions and directly assisting the executive staff.
He has a knack for identifying individual strengths, and assisting executives in addressing challenges.
He is someone you want on your organization's executive team.
He is equally adept calling on new accounts and comfortable speaking with executives.
John was very precise with his account planning and pursuit planning and execution.
He contributed and assisted in training both new account executives and managers.
He is a humble leader who understands the importance of accountability and execution.