Assistant Business Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Business Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has provided an extensive network of business contacts which has assisted my business growth.
John takes complete ownership of his business by managing and measuring the metrics that will take his business to new heights.
He was never too busy to discuss a business situation or offer some insight on how to better manage an opportunity.
Due to the fact that, for years he owned his own business, he understands what managing a business is all about.
Him business and management background gave him insight into the business complications agencies face.
He has proved that he not only manages current business well, but with a view to future business needs.
John is a well rounded manager with strong business acumen and good business judgement.
His business ownership proves he can grow and manage a sizeable stand-alone business.
Even though, he was extremely busy, he was always willing to take the time to assist me.
John was quick to volunteer to assist with whatever it took to close business.
John has provided such valuable assistance in helping us manage our business and advising us in areas that are beyond our expertise.
John routinely reached out to other managers outside of his normal business areas to assist me in any way he could.
He gives you the freedom to manage your business while monitoring your progress and offering assistance as needed.
He has proven himself to be an expert at assisting in business management programs.
John is an energetic and a business orientated manager who will drive forward, based on the business goals.
He went out of his way to assist us and to make the business relationship possible.
He has a very in-depth knowledge of business and management and was able to assist me in several areas of my business that needed attention.
He provided coaching to the owners and management of the business and assisted in broadening our business knowledge.
He is very knowledgeable about his business and always manages to come up with specific solutions to my business problems.
He is intensely focused on the appropriate business metrics for each stage of the company and manages the business very effectively.
Without his expertise, we would not have managed to win new business in a highly competitive business area.
John is always available to assist us find the most appropriate solution for our business issues.
John assisted us with the search for and purchase of a wealth management business.
He is passionate in assisting business owners and professionals grow their businesses.
He assisted us with the preparation of copy for our new website and along the way he managed to make me feel inspired about our business.
He will not only cover your business needs, but he will think of a few ways to help out even further and offer even more assistance.
He was passionate about the opportunity of winning our business and was always willing to assist to the best of his ability.
He always goes above and beyond to assist with helping us close business and keep us up to date on new initiatives.
He is definitely an individual to be in contact with, that will assist you and your business in the long term.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him if you need some assistance to take your business to that next level.
He is very dedicated to serving small businesses and assisting in any way possible to make things better.
We feel confident that with his assistance we do not have to worry about this aspect of our business.
John has taken the load off me and has been active in assisting me with the growth of my business.
He always had a smile on his face, and would go out of his way to assist even during busy periods.
John has constantly shown to go out of his way to assist you as a business wherever he can.
I am pleased to be able to recognize the assistance he has offered to growing my business.
I would like to recommend him agency in assisting other individuals and small businesses.
John takes an interested in understanding businesses and how he can assist in their needs.
I encourage everyone to take advantage of his assistance and broad business expertise.
John provided assistance, references and business insights that were crucial for us.
John provided superlative advice and assistance that truly met the business needs.
He is very open minded and willing to assist forging new business partnerships.
He sees the big business picture and is also always willing to assist others.
John was always ready to assist, made sure that he understood the business needs underlying any requests for assistance and could always be relied upon to come up with the right solution.
In addition, he has managed his own small business and is currently employed as a business broker.
John is always willing to go above and beyond to assist clients and business partners.
John was always willing to take time out of his busy day to assist me whenever needed.
He is passionate about the business of business and has an unbelievable knack for bringing business and technology together.
John stands out as a fine business manager - and this trait of his, is not a made for only one kind of business role.
He came across as a highly energetic business manager with excellent abilities to spot business opportunities.
John has a very strong business acumen and is exceptional at managing highly complex business situations.
John was instrumental in helping my business survived when my business manager because critically ill.
He is an insightful manager and a critical business thinker, with a strong business sense.
John is business oriented, he always considers the business aspects of the work and looking for new opportunities for creating additional business.
We were not within the same business group, but he always had time to assist me and never let the politics of a global organization get in the way of doing business.
Found him to be approachable at all times, never too busy to assist in further explanations or opinions.
He understood our evolving and demanding business requirements and did everything he could to assist.
Despite being very busy, he always made the time and effort to assist anyone who asked for help.
He took the time to truly understand my business and assisted with some invaluable connections.
John's assistance is continuing to help us grow the business and go from strength to strength.