Assistant Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is always willing to assist his peers and provides excellent coaching to those in need.
He enjoys teaching and coaching and seeing others succeed through his assistance.
John was able to assist me in various topics as my life coach.
I was delighted when he did not hesitate to make himself available to assist me with a coaching query.
John is a very successful coach who assists others achieving the all they are striving for.
I would and have recommended him, to those needing resume/cover letter/job coaching assistance.
John provided the coaching and insight needed to assist me in obtaining my certification.
I appreciated his coaching and assisting me in passing the rigorous requirements.
John has done so for his children, assistant coaches, players and friends.
John is a dynamic life coach that has assisted me and continues to assist me to obtain great results.
John often goes above and beyond by offering his coaching and assistance to various individuals and teams.
John assisted others to understand what was happening, what choices were available to them and coached them on how they might be able to go forward.
John is an insightful coach that assists individuals to realize their true potential.
Through group coaching, he offered invaluable assistance to me and others.
He assisted me in navigating my search and coached me on negotiating my value to organizations.
He never hesitates to provide direction, coaching or assistance.
It was such a pleasure being coached by such an expert in behavioral coaching - he has taught me so much and continues to well after the coaching engagement.
He was always available to myself as an assistant to help me be prepared for upcoming lessons, coaching me as well as the participants of the course.
I can highly recommend him for individual coaching as well as for training on how to coach.
Many of his coaches he has trained are some of the highest paid coaches globally.
If assistance was needed, he always made time to coach or train.
John is also great to assist when the coaching ends, sending useful readings and tips.
John was an efficient and effective mentor coach to my own coaching practice.
John is an enthusiastic and energetic coach who assisted me to clearly identify my greatest strength as a coach and trainer.
John was willing to coach and listen to the individuals' needs as well as create guides to assist us in honing our prospecting.
He also is a good coach and someone you can rely on to back you when you have an issue that requires assistance or escalation.
I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach to assist with any and all things leadership, charisma and confidence.
John has also coached me on numerous occasions assisting me with my limiting beliefs, fears and values.
I would recommend him assistance to any coach who feels stuck, overwhelmed or in need of fresh ideas.
John has a coaching leadership style and effectively assists others to achieve their potential.
John also lent us his students to coach debate and to assist with judging at tournaments.
Him assistance, guidance and coaching over the years we worked together were invaluable.
Excellence is his middle name and he strives to assist, mentor, and coach others to succeed.
John provided me innovative and value-added coaching and techniques to assist in my recent job search.
John acted as a coach when assisting me with my resume and providing me with guidance.
John has been coaching and mentoring me for over a year now to assist me to grow my coaching business.
John was of great help to his team, coaching and assisting them through very difficult tasks.
John has provided us with structured and thought out coaching and assistance in creating our true value proposition.
He is a great coach who is always willing to take the time to give individualized feedback and assistance.
John took the time to assist me in my own developmental by listening, coaching and mentoring me.
John for all of your assistance and guidance, you're a great individual, coach and mentor.
Beyond this, he is an impressive coach who is always interested in assisting and seeing people achieving their goals.
John has provided coaching to me over the years and have sincerely found him to be a wealth of knowledge and assistance.
John is the one to know when you are in need of guidance, direction or coaching.
He set a wonderful example for all his peers and was only too pleased to assist and coach us.
He has offered coaching, mentoring and job placement assistance to all who need help.
He is a great team player, who will assist and coach others around him.
John' coaching expertise has been very helpful to our group as well as the private coaching he has done for various members.
He has always been on hand to assist coaches with any queries that they might have had as well as being a very good sounding board.
John provided excellent assistance to coach and guide me to the next stage in my career by going above and beyond.
He is always looking at adding more value all round in his coaching and trainings.
I could not recommend him enough when it comes to training and coaching.
John and his coaching assistants are professional and very knowledgeable.
A super mentor, coach, and connected to all who accept his passion to assist others in their aspirations.