Assistant Finance Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Finance Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would heartily recommend him as someone who can assist a company manage its' finances.
We didn't know where to turn to get financing and he had people in place to get us financed.
He looked at my finances, treated them as if they were his own, and suggested the best course of action in regards to my re-financing.
I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of financing or just for some advice or input regarding financing.
John really knows his stuff when it comes to anything finance.
He clearly understands what needs to be done with finances and how to manage the details.
I would have him back in an instant if he wanted to ever get back into finance.
Oh, and by the way, he probably won't tell you that he has a finance background.
When it comes to the finances, he knows the numbers and is very conservative.
John has been invaluable in the way he has advised us about our finances.
I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in need of financing.
Call him today, he'll help you take your finances to the next phase.
He has helped me twice with financing as well as refinancing.
I was his teaching assistant for the principles of finance class for about three years.
He has forgotten more about how consumers manage their finances than most will learn.
I was clueless when it came to financing and re-financing and he answered all of my questions without making me feel like they were silly.
He has assisted in financing mortgages for churches and helped manage building/remodeling programs in tandem with financing.
John is an expert when it comes to assisting companies in finding creative financing.
John was very thorough with his review of my finances and assisted me in implementing measures to get my finances in good shape for my future requirements.
John answers all my questions thoroughly and lets me know what is the best course to take concerning my finances.
From the beginning he listens to your financial needs and he makes certain he always gets the best result.
He knows and understand finance, and he knows and understands how to get the best out of others.
I would recommend him to anybody who has any wavering ideas when it comes to finance.
He can think outside of the box and balance that against the constraints of finance.
John husband's and my finances were all over the place and we did not know what to do.
John is very passionate and articulate about his interests, particularly in finance.
I am very pleased to know him and to recommend him to anyone seeking such finance.
We hope he can help us even more with organising our finances in the future.
John has always amazed me with his command of the fundamentals of finance.
I would definitely recommend him for his venture financing capabilities.
If you need anything in the alternative finance world, he is your guy.
Also appreciated was his sensible and realistic approach to finances.
John has succeeded to be profitable by his own wits and finances.
He has an understanding and appreciation for numbers and finance.
John bookings are increasing and my finances are looking healthier.
He is one of the reasons that make me fall in love with finance.
John's expertise goes well beyond the world of finance and law.
John is extremely bright and capable with all things financial.
John is an extremely thorough, detail focused finance manager.
John took the time with us to make sure we felt comfortable before we made any changes to our finances.
He is very proactive and makes timely suggestions that can help you with your finances.
He is very knowledgeable in finance and always willing to help.
He always had clear explanations, even for non finance people.
He proactively assisted managers with performance management and appraisal and, when necessary, challenging situations.
If you are looking for a role within finance and he's not aware of it, you probably don't want to be going there.
He listens to what you want, he helps to get you the best deal on the purchase/sale as well as financing.
John always had an uncanny ability to get to the crux of an issue, particularly with regards to finance.
Not only does he immediately remove any fears around finances, he actually made it very interesting.
John has been looking after my finances for over a year now and has saved me hundreds of $$$$.
He went painstakingly through my finances and came to me with an easy to understand chart.
Not only that, but his passion and acumen within his own finance sector is second to none.
John was able to help us figure things out, prioritize, and get our finances on track.
He knows finance inside out and can very quickly determine the best options for you.
Most importantly, he will deliver on his promises and will get the deal financed.
His understanding of finance and balance make the difference to all that he does.
I recommend him as being is particularly qualified to sell in the finance space.
He is also very, very funny - which in the finance world is very hard to find.
I found him always updated about the latest happenings in the world of finance.
John has immense understanding of the subject he specialises in which is financed.
John's recommendations of the firm's managerial finance were really valuable.