Assistant Football Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Football Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is all about assisting and coaching people to get ahead in life.
He is always available to coach and assist in anyway that he can even though we don't work directly together anymore.
John provided exceptional insight into coaching and assisted me in completing my formal coaching qualifications during my final workshops.
I know that he will add value and assist many people with his coaching abilities.
John coached me for three months to assist with my job search.
In addition to his own responsibilities, he was always willing to assist or coach him coworkers to get the best out of themselves.
So, leaders and coaches, take one of his classes or sign on with him as your coach.
Our revenues have increased because of the assistance and coaching, he has provided to us.
John has gone beyond his role to assist me with my career progression and coaching.
John's coaching assistance has been a big help to me and my career.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a coach or assistance in building coaching capability within their organisation.
I first met him while coaching his son in youth football and then got to really know him once he started coaching with me.
John took the initiative to talk with me & provide coaching, assistance and encouragement.
I would recommend him for interview coaching and particularly performance coaching.
John is currently assisting several of our employees with career coaching and outplacement.
I have also observed him in other environments, as a coach for little league football.
John assisted and coach me through updating my resume and profile, taking it to the next level.
He was available when needed to assist with advice or coaching if faced with difficult issues.
He is an effective listener and coach and never hesitates to offer his assistance to others.
He was always willing to assist and coach his peers and share in his experiences.
He was always cheerful and willing to assist with any task as well as teach others when they needed coaching.
He will not offer to coach or assist you unless he's thoroughly mastered the subject beforehand.
John ability to coach people when they need assistance but he also coaches people when they are doing well, which helps to emphasize their value to the organization and to themselves.
I highly recommend him if you are looking for networking or coaching assistance.
John coached and assisted me in my search or employment after a layoff in my firm.
I was extremely impressed with his credentials and asked for his assistance, coaching and guidance.
He is a coach players wants to play for and is very well respected in the football world.
John is completely dedicated to excelling as a football coach.
He also provided one-on-one coaching to the assistants which was one of the highest rated aspects noted in the evaluations of our participants.
I would look for direction and coaching from him, which was always available.
John's intelligence and ability are beyond anything you might have seen before in coaching.
He has successfully provided valuable career coaching and assistance to all our course participants and graduates.
John exceeded my expectations every step of the way in assisting me as a career coach.
Not only he does 'coaching for living', he is also someone who 'lives coaching', by practicing the basic tenets and values of a good coach.
He is a great coach and was able to use his coaching skills in assisting me in the revision of my resume.
John worked w/ me as a coach assisting me with life/health challenges.
John's responsibilities were to coach the pitchers and serve as my bench coach during games.
Plus, he has a great network of coaches around him to assist you.
I enjoyed assisting him in the coaching process and was especially happy when his son later helped me coach intramural basketball.
He inspires others to be the best leaders they can be through coaching.
He is always willing to assist colleagues and is a great coach who pushes to see his people succeed.
John was always willing to coach students and assist employers in finding their perfect match.
He is a gifted coach for anyone needing assistance in navigating their life circumstances.
John is the true definition of a coach in that he "coaches" and not dictates direction to you.
He is available to assist his coaching clients at any time and his individualized, one- on-one, sessions are priceless.
John immediately volunteered to coach me with my application and to assist in substantive ways.