Assistant Office Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Office Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also assisted with office management, project management, tech set-up, and more.
John was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many employees within the office.
I assisted him several years ago when he campaigned for state elective office.
For much of the four years he managed to be both my executive assistant and the office manager - which is a very difficult task.
John worked for me both as an office manager and executive assistant.
I cannot thank him enough for his assistance during those early years in my management role.
He has been very helpful assisting with our recruitment needs and many local office management questions.
He will be a great asset to any company looking for an office manager or bookkeeping assistance.
We spoke almost every day over the telephone, especially when our office needed his assistance.
He had earned the attention and respect of people from our office as well as from offices all around the world.
He was well liked by everyone who worked with him in the office.
He also assisted in preparing me for further management roles and interviews.
As for his office demeanor, he is wonderful to work with, and was a joy to have in the office.
John is a hands on manager that was always available to assist me with any task.
We sat on many of the same management committees and he could always be counted on for assistance from whoever was chairing the committee.
I still have most of the candidates that he sent me still working in my office.
It has truly been an honor working with him and having him around the office.
John although working in another office was always available to help.
It's been my pleasure to know him both at work and outside the office.
John is very valuable to those of us who work outside the office.
He was always first at the office and his work always up to date.
John was able to interact in our multicultural office setting and give assistance to our participants.
For those that were self motivated, he was there to provide assistance where needed, but didn't hover or over-manage.
He often offered assistance, guidance and/or solutions to me and other managers.
John came to our office so we did not need to travel anywhere.
I miss him around the office and the team here is not the same without him.
John always strives to do what is best for our team and for our office.
John not only arranged it all for me without having to leave my office, but went out of his way to assist with delivery that was easy from my end.
He is one that people gravitate to because of his attitude when he is in the office.
He is one of the first people in the office and many times the last to leave.