Assistant Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He often operated under overwhelming demands from the hiring managers, but somehow always managed to deliver.
He was very much regarded by managers and operators, as well as other crew.
In summary myself/lawyers/accountants/agents/property managers could not operate without him.
I am amazed at how he successfully manages so many of the company's operations.
His capability of organisational and operational management is commendable.
I've seen him operate, guide and manage helping others be their best.
He also excels at allowing those he manages to operate autonomously.
John knows all guidelines and operates them as a very smart manager.
He has always managed his company's operation with great efficiency.
I would recommend him highly in any operational management role.
John was hired to handle the operations management of the helpdesk.
He is really a co-operative, considerate and very good manager.
I relied on him to manage the operational aspects of my role.
John was always willing to assist and he operated with an open door policy.
John is quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of our operations.
John is everything you could ask for in someone managing your payroll operation.
He provided valuable insight and assisted the operation in the role out of the new venture.
He's managed startups and turnarounds as well as continuing operations.
John is an objective driven manager and good at managing operation staff.
John is the type of manager that operates at his very best when there is absolutely no chance of success.
John has helped out company grow to the largest it has ever been while he was operations manager.
John has risen to the challenge and has always been proactive in managing the operational issues.
He has the ability to manage successfully and has an excellent understanding of operations.
John provides a tremendous amount of value in operational and budgetary management.
I had the privilege of being him manager for a year or so in his operations role.
A lot of his brilliant ideas are still exploited by current operational managers.
I was very impressed with his ability to smoothly manage the entire operations.
John manages the operational activities successfully now already many years.
John has super ability to manage global operational without any hesitation.
John really gets how to operate in a global matrix management environment.
He is a manager who provides you the required space to operate freely.
John is a highly energised operations manager who gets things done.
He has the strong capacity of managing operational activities.
John can effectively schedule and managed several assistants to maintain efficient workplace operations.
For example, he is an expert in inventory management operations.
He would always follow up and make sure we were operating efficiently and always willing and able to look into other means to assist us.
John is attuned to the needs and concerns of those he manages, assists and teaches.
He was one of the few who had operational experience of the roles he was subsequently managing.
John has an excellent experience and achievements in operations management.
He is very co-operative and assisted his co-workers at every opportunity.
John also has the ability to operate across the full spectrum of management styles.
He is also very well-versed in operations management, workflow management, and service level management.
John is exceptional in his ability to think outside the box as well as manage the daily operations of his positions.
I would recommend him for any management and operations role within a multinational organisation.
John's operational style truly describes the difference between management and leadership.
He was a savvy manager that could tackle any operational challenge that came his way.
John's management style is one that makes for running a smooth operation look easy.
He manages to balance the broader vision with the operational elements excepted.
John is extremely focussed and able to manage many complex operations concurrently.
John managed to streamline the operations and brought in a method to the madness.
His vision of managing complex and successful operations is clear and concise.
He has a keen understanding of the operating side of company management.
He managed the entire transition and operations in a seamless way.
He operates with high ethics and as a result, he is quickly trusted by management and operatives alike.
He managed the global logistics for the operations very effectively.
He is also well liked by his peers and would often go beyond to assistant their requirements.
I am very grateful to have him as a teaching assistant for my management class.
He has assisted me to understand a more commercial operating environment, in which registered landlords now have to operate.
It was him organization and management skills that allowed him to manage operations as well as finances for all operations.
John allows people to operate to their strengths and effectively assists any developmental areas.