Assistant Product Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a very commercial oriented product manager who believes in his products.
John also assisted in brainstorming product ideas and provided thoughtful and articulate input to the final product concepts.
John has been one of the key product manager working with me on our flagship product.
John was an excellent product manager who was responsible for one of our largest and most complex product lines.
John really knows his stuff on product management and the products we were building and that made my job easier.
John was a great product manager for the company - hard-working and very productive.
John has been instrumental in assisting my company get its product off the ground.
John rose to the challenge and managed the production of an extraordinary product in record time.
Unlike many responsible for product management, he does not just fight fires - he actually improves the product.
John left us with great products and great product managers who are now leaders themselves.
He is very knowledgeable in the different aspects of product management.
John continually displayed outstanding abilities in managing and leading the products that he was responsible for as product manager.
He assisted us in making some difficult product selection decisions.
John assisted me in identifying my most important, and productive goals.
He has an in-depth knowledge in his product set and is very willing to assist.
John is entrepreneurial, forward-thinking, and pragmatic product manager.
John is one of those rare product managers that respects the boundaries between product and design.
John is an experienced employee who is productive and is eager to assist at all times.
He was the go-to product expert for all issues concerning retail products.
He is a forward thinker as seen in his product roadmap and product delivery.
He was quick to assist with both major and minor changes that would significantly affect our product.
Your assistance with the product confirmed we made the right choice in using the our company tools.
John has, bar none, accomplished more than any other product manager at the firm in terms of shipping successful product.
John has the ability to drive product results and effectively manage product scope and direction.
He is a talented product manager and has an eye for strategic product positioning.
He is focussed, organised and very knowledgeable about the products he manages.
John's wealth of knowledge on end to end product management is staggering.
Further, he is a very knowledgeable product manager and is always willing to assist our team in any way possible.
He's friendly, outgoing, productive, engaging and always ready to assist when needed.
He helps us manage and develop product across the region and assisted us to promote products with effectiveness.
John is very creative and has provided strong assistance to tailor the product with my requirements.
He approaches product management in a well thought out structured approach and makes sure the end product will exceed expectations.
With very little direction and feedback, he left the internship understanding more about product management than some of the existing product management staff.
He is an awesome product manager who always thinks of the consumer first.
He sets the standard for great product management and any company he works for will see its products soar to new heights.
John is an outstanding product manager who specializes in innovation.
He has many great qualities and especially excels at product implementation and product management.
John was always quick to offer his assistance in the product areas he managed and more importantly was great at teaching us the features and benefits necessary to sell his product.
John is also capable of managing an entire product and/or product line's life cycle.
John is an amazing product manager because he understands how the company's product complements and differentiates existing solutions in the marketplace.
He continuously demonstrated his prowess on all spheres of product management.
He was an excellent manager with a strong focus on innovation and productivity.
John is an excellent product manager, able to take ideas into concrete and detailed product requirements and specifications.
We have several areas of our media outlets that he assisted in making much more manageable for us, and in turn, much more productive.
His aerodynamic management style is perfect for productivity and performance.
I would recommend him to any company that needs a talented product manager.
John, as our mentor and product manager, has offered us great guidance.
His guidance was strong and overall product management strategy strong.
John is a very passionate, dedicated and talented product manager.
While not in a management position he took on mentoring and managing multiple product lines.
He provided leadership for the product engineering and product management functions.
He is a very good manager who gives the right amount of assistance to his people.
John is very passionate about product management and have very deep knowledge that he is always willing to share.
He is known to be the “go-to” manager for help, product knowledge and advice.
His understanding and knowledge of product lifecycle management are outstanding.
John has a strong strategic understanding of product management.
John stands out as an exceptional product and resource manager.
During that time he functioned in a production management role.
John provided advice, recommendations and practical assistance in getting us up and running with our first eLearning product.
John assisted our firm with a strategy and productivity coaching.