Assistant Property Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Property Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He now manages multiple properties, and is on his way to doing the same there.
I would not purchase any further properties without his assistance.
John has provided strategic assistance in property selection.
I would have no hesitation to recommend him for all property management matters.
John is a good property manager and has a solid understanding of property fundamentals.
John assisted with a rather unorthodox and challenging property settlement.
He assisted us greatly to find the lifestyle property we wanted.
We look forward to his assistance on commercial property in the near future.
John always goes out of his way to assist his colleagues, employees and management in anyway possible.
John did an excellent job of managing my property until it was sold.
John did not have to do that, but he went the extra mile to find him a property manager.
He will accommodate your needs weather is buying, renting or managing your property.
I expect that he could probably run circles around the average property manager.
He is truly a great property manager that is trustworthy and honest.
He assisted me and my husband when we were buying our first investment property.
Attention to detail is evident in his approach to property management.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent, responsible property manager.
John has been a tremendous help to me regarding managing a rental property.
I have also enlisted his assistance in purchasing income property.
John manages all his own properties and he is accessible, responsive and good humoured.
John is just one of the best people in property management and a great friend.
John will help you with purchasing your first or next property.
John did an outstanding job in assisting us purchasing a property.
He managed by mentoring - teaching, encouraging and assisting.
He managed beachfront resorts to properties off the beach and they were always very successful under his leadership.
He also managed the renovation of the property so that we would have a good rate of return.
Being a gamer allows him the insight that it takes to be a good manager of any property.
We find his approach to property management fair to both landlord and tenant.
John has assisted me in purchasing my first property and selling it several years later.
In regards to my investment property he has been there to guide, assist, and resolve anything and everything that has come up.
John assisted me in locating a property on my return from overseas and helped me out where possible.
He assisted in locating a property that was centrally located and met all of our needs.
John was an extremely personable manager; very approachable and always willing to assist.
He will never steer you wrong whether you are purchasing property, renovating the property or just need outside ideas.