Assistant Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always tries to get the best of everyone he manages and will not hesitate to assist anyone in whatever they need.
He is an effective manager that is always available to assist others whenever they need his help.
John provides the right amount of guidance and assistance without over managing.
He is very approachable and always willing to assist or manage where required.
He would assist in any way he could to ensure that his managers succeeded.
John is willing to step in to assist management when ever needed.
John is the kind of manager every assistant would like to have.
John is a great manager, always there to give assistance but never micro managing.
He is very competitive which made him one of the top sales reps in the company and was always willing to assist the other sales reps around him.
He was definitely a manager who went out of his way to assist his employees.
John is always willing to assist, as well as willing to seek out assistance in areas outside his expertise.
John is always there for us when we need assistance with software sales.
John understands what it takes to be successful in sales and sales management and knows how to transfer his knowledge to salespeople and those who manage them.
He won't tell you what you want to hear just to get the "sale".
He understands how to manage without micromanaging, yet is there to assist whenever needed.
He was always willing to share ideas with other managers and assist anywhere when needed.
He was always willing to assist a manager in need, and he always went the extra mile.
If you need his input, he always manages to assist and put things into perspective.
John's passion and dedication as my assistant manager was second to none.
He transmits its serenity to his colleagues, assistants and management.
John was able to assist us to manage our certification issues.
He is very strongly grounded in sales, sales strategies, and how sales should fit into an organization.
He is generous with assistance and extremely capable of assisting sales people.
John was one of my best employees, and a great assistant manager.
John was one of the few sales managers, we were happy to have assisted us during trade shows.
John assisted me in the sales and account management on my territory.
He proactively assists clients throughout the sales and management of hedging structures.
John assisted me in the sale of multiple properties in him marketplace.
He saw beyond the sale and forged relationships that lasted longer than the immediate sale.
John is very passionate and knowledgeable in sales excellence and sales transformation.
John was always helpful to me and the hiring managers when he could provide assistance.
John was hired into our organization to assist in enhancing our sales with the alignment of new sales, account management, inside sales, and marketing.
John was always available to guide and assist me in any of my duties.
He is always willing to assist, guide and help his colleagues.
John did not manage by watching over your shoulder, but he was there when he needed to be and ready to assist.
John was an outstanding manager who was always there to help assist with any issues or escalations that arose.
He will give you purpose that you will be proud and assist to manage your destiny.
John is a dedicated manager and is very helpful in assisting me.
He would always make himself available to assist any member of our team, especially the sales force.
He followed up after the sale to make sure everything worked.
John has risen through the ranks from sales exec, to sales manager, and now director.
Him and his team were always willing to assist sales and sales executives with great success.
He was the consummate professional always willing to share his vast sales knowledge assisting in any way possible to help me become a better sales professional and manager.
John is an exceptional leader in sales and sales management, assisting organizations in increasing their business.
He will always try to assist even if it is not directly under his area of action.
John made himself available to assist in whatever area or need you had.
He always hears you out and provides assistance whenever needed.
He has always been more than willing to go out of his way to assist me with the management of the company's largest client.
He is a hands on manager and assists his reports at becoming the best that they can be.
Then, he has assisted me in the management of contractors post engagement.
He started as a sales assistant who always took time to learn.
He assisted on sales calls whenever we needed him and was always eager to help.
John's can-do attitude was instrumental in seeing off the competition in a tough sale sales situation.
He is a very focused individual who provided great assistance to us in pushing towards our sales numbers.
John's understanding and knowledge of sales is second to none, he enjoys what he does and is passionate about sales which comes across in the course.
His knowledge of sales in different sizes of organisation and the philosophy behind sales is excellent.
He also understands what needs to work a pre / post sale to make sales successful.
He brought extensive knowledge of sales and sales methodology to our org.
Just as important, is he is there to assist you past the basics.
He assisted each of the managers with topics/ issues concerning their individual departments.