Assistant Store Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Assistant Store Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was also in charge of other stores as well, but he showed great dedication in helping out our store when we lacked a store manager.
John managed some of the most difficult stores in the portfolio.
John always makes himself available to everyone for anything they might need assistance with or facilitated.
He consistently went above and beyond to make sure that the store was better than he found it.
Once promoted to store manager, he never let me or the company down.
We can't thank him enough for his dedication and assistance through transition.
John will go out of his way to assist others, even providing assistance and arranging opportunities using his own initiative.
He was always very optimistic about promotions and assisting in any/all of the store's needs.
He assisted with my store's grand opening and was invaluable on so many levels.
I was impressed with how organized the store was run while he was managing it.
We quickly promoted him several times until he became the store manager.
At the same time, he knows when to ask for assistance and won't ever let you be "surprised".
He is always willing to assist with issues and follows through each and every time.
He was available to us at any time and would assist us in any way that he could.
He always takes the time to be available to those who may need his assistance.
If he had the time he would always be of assistance if the need would arise.
There have been many times he has gone above and beyond to assist others.
I am grateful for the assistance he has provided to me during his time.
During that time he was always available and ready to help and assist.
And when there is an obstacle, he is there to assist and facilitate.
He was always willing to take the time to assist me on any issue.
He engaged with and assisted anybody and everybody who asked.
John manages his time efficiently also helping his colleagues whenever they are in need of assistance.
He assists, manages, motivates, and inspires those around him to be successful in their positions.
If there were questions, he always made himself available to provide assistance.
He is well respected within his peers and is always willing to assist.
He has assisted me with different policies over the last few years.
John assisted me in a number of store openings as well as projects in-store and was always willing to do whatever it took to get things done right.
He was a take charged manager, who always knew what was going on at all times in his store.
John would assist where ever needed, managing his tasks and time efficiently.
During his last few months with us, he stepped up and covered the store manager role seamlessly.
He is always willing to go above and beyond his assigned duties to assist others within the company.
He is always friendly and goes out of the way to help and assist anyone that he deals with.
I found him to be diligent, committed and always available to assist in any way possible.
He is very diligent in his dealings and with assisting others daily.
John assisted our company with some recent layoffs we had to make.
He was always ready and willing to assist others with the tool.
He has sure assisted us in escalating ours to the next level.
He managed effectively to high volume stores that were also very challenging.
John goes out his way to assist others in any way he can, whether it's volunteering or just having a one-on-one conversation.
He listened to their needs and tried to accommodate them as best he could so they could better assist the members.
He always made time for you when you needed him, never turning away someone in need of assistance.
John, thank you so much for being you and continuing to assist and guide those you encounter.
John goes out of his way to assist others, and freely gives of his time whenever asked.
John has always been extremely responsive and thorough in his guidance and assistance.
John is always very reliable and trustworthy whenever his assistance is requested.
John has always been extremely reliable and always cheerful and willing to assist.
He is friendly and reaches out when he needs help or when he can lend assistance.
He gave so much of his time and was always willing to assist when he was needed.
John has always been available to assist and direct me with all my transactions.
I found this to be totally engaging and his help and assistance was fantastic.
He's also an amazing help when looking for assistance with resume writing.
He's always there to offer assistance and will always make time for anyone.
He has time for you and is willing to assist in any way shape or form.
At the same time he was always there to assist and ensure our success.
I remember many times where he had gone out of his way to assist us.
John was always available to facilitate anytime we needed assistance.
He always has time to assist me with any challenge we may encounter.
I have had no hesitation in engaging him for additional assistance.
John is always going out of his way to assist in a time of need.